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Taking the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ to the extreme

Epic Ice Bucket ChallengeOn 10th September 2014, a number of brave ladies from leading Dorset based recycling organisation, Commercial Recycling, took part in an epic 5000 litre Ice Bucket Challenge.

Not wishing to be outdone by the people they were nominated by, the fearless ladies persuaded the Operations team from Commercial Recycling to tip more than 5000 litres of iced water over them. The huge volume of water was dispensed from a great height using the company’s own 32 tonne loading shovel. Commercial Recycling operate a water recovery solution at their Canford Recycling Centre, which enables water to be reused throughout the site and with its aggregate washing plant.
The impressive event was held at Canford Recycling Centre on a sunny September evening and was witnessed by a large crowd of family, friends and colleagues of each of the girls.
The spectacle was captured and shared on various social media platforms and so far has attracted hundreds of views on YouTube.

This unique take on the ever popular charity challenge was the brain child of Sales Executive Amy Flaherty and when interviewed seconds after her icy shower she commented:
“We are delighted to be able to do our little bit for charity. The Charities behind this social media craze, which include motor neurone disease association, are close to my heart. I am hoping that everyone the girls and I know will dig deep and donate to show their appreciation for the entertainment and laughs we have provided”
Amy went on to say “We have nominated a couple of ex-colleagues and the staff of Travis Perkins branches in Windndham Road and Salisbury who have promised to top our Ice Bucket Challenge”

To learn more about Motor Neurone Disease and how to donate please Google ‘Ice bucket challenge MNDA’. To see the video of the girls from Commercial Recycling please visit: https://youtu.be/7-Z6W_Kvamc
To find out more about Commercial Recycling please visit www.commercialrecycling.co.uk or call 01202 577944

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