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What to expect from our Somerset tip

The sun is starting to shine and the weather is warming up meaning spring has sprung. And we all know what that means… it’s time for a good old spring clean of your garage or home. Or maybe you work in the construction industry and now have an influx of projects in preparation for summer. Whether you are just clearing out the garden, or are working on construction projects day in, day out, chances are you will produce some waste that will need disposing of. If you find this is the case, why not visit our Somerset waste recycling centre?

Read on to find out what to expect on arrival at our Somerset Recycling Centre and get some tips to save money and time when you visit us.

Finding us

Our Somerset waste disposal site is in Evercreech, near Shepton Mallet. It is easily accessible from the A371.

We are signposted from the road right up to our entrance, so there should be no problems finding us.

Our address:

Southwood Trade Waste Recycling Centre, Evercreech, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6LX

On arrival… 

The first thing you will need to do when you arrive is weigh your vehicle, this is done at our weighbridge. When you get to us, you may join a queue to do this.

The Weighbridge

We have a 1 on, 1 off system, and the next car waiting must give way to the car coming off the weighbridge.

Our weighbridge is basically a large set of scales, which will be used to figure out how much waste you have tipped with us.

Once you have driven onto the weighbridge, you will need to get out of your car or van and report to the staff member running the weighbridge. You will need to give the following information to us:

  • Name
  • Registration number
  • Types of waste you are tipping
  • Where the waste is from

Please note that if you have multiple waste types with you, let the staff member know all of them and which one you intend to dispose of first.

Start tipping

Before heading into our tip, make sure that you are wearing the correct PPE; we require everyone to be wearing a hard hat and high vis jacket or vest.

Once the information has been taken and your vehicle has been weighed, you will need to follow our 1 way system round to the left until you find the tipping bay for the waste you are carrying.

We accept the following waste types at our Somerset waste recycling centre:

We are able to accept some types of hazardous waste, but if you are unsure give us a call on 01202 579579 before visiting us to double check.

Once you’ve finished tipping

When you have tipped the waste in its allocated tipping bay, you will need to follow the rest of the one way system back to the weighbridge.

Here you may have to wait for the weighbridge to be cleared, so once again, give way to the vehicle that is coming off.

You can then drive onto the weighbridge, and like before get out and report back to our staff member. Our operator will provide you with a ticket which will allow you to pay for your tipped waste, or if you are a regular user, add it to your account.

Money and time saving tips

Before you visit us, ask yourself if your waste can be separated into different waste types.

This isn’t just for our benefit. We offer considerably lower prices for single streams of waste than for a mixed waste load. And before you start worrying about how many journeys you will need to do for this, the answer is 1. You can bring all waste types with you on 1 trip. All we ask is that you return to our weighbridge after dumping each waste type, so that we can measure how much of each waste stream you have disposed of.

By separating the waste streams out before you get to us, you will save time at each tipping bay as you won’t have to go through all the waste each time.

To save even more time, you can pre-book a slot to visit us. This is especially helpful if you are planning to dispose of large amounts of waste or hazardous waste at our Somerset waste recycling centre, as it may help avoid you waiting around and it can give our team a heads up on what is coming in on that day.

A final, and maybe the most important tip is to make sure that you have all the paperwork, licences and permits that you need to dispose of any commercial waste with you. Check what you will need in our article on what you need to comply with legal requirements.

Ready to tip with us?

We have covered everything you need to know about visiting us, so we hope to see you soon. If you are unsure about anything covered in this article, don’t hesitate to get answers and call our friendly team on 01202 579579 or email

We will also have team members around when you visit, so don’t be shy to ask any of them when you get here.

If you are not local to our Somerset tip, then you can learn more about our Dorset tip here which is located just outside of Wimborne.

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