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What happens to your waste once it’s arrived at our commercial recycling centre?

You may not think twice about what happens to your waste once you’ve disposed of it at one of our commercial recycling centres, but little did you know that it’s actually a very complex process. 

In this article, we explain the processes that your waste will go through and the lengths our company goes to, to ensure that we recycle as much as possible and very little ends up in landfill. 

First things first… 

The first stage of the process is all in your hands – ideally, we need your waste to be separated. This is hugely important in assisting us to do the whole recycling operation correctly, but also helps keep costs down for you as segregated wastes are cheaper to dispose of. 

When you arrive on site, simply let our weighbridge operators know what you are on site to dispose of. This may be green waste, inert waste, hazardous waste, mixed waste or any of the other waste streams we accept. 

Next up, the machines get involved

We use a very skilled operator and a 360 machine with a grab on it to manually pick out the larger bits of waste. These may or may not be recyclable and could be anything from pallets to sofas, carpets, furniture and large plastic items. 

Once the larger waste items have been removed, the smaller items will be ready to be processed and will be taken to our waste plant. Our modern waste plant is only 3 years old and enables us to further recycle the waste that you bring to us.

Now onto the screening process

We have 3 screening sizes at our plant that are used to separate and recycle the waste, allowing us to be as precise as possible.

Firstly, the smallest size allows elements of waste between 0-15mm to pass through, this will typically include soil and small inert waste (dust, rubble, crushed bricks, stones etc). 

Next up is the 15-100mm screen. This size filters out larger lumps of hardcore and heavier fractions of waste. It then goes through a slightly different process than the first size which includes a clean up. Due to the nature of this size of screening you will get smaller bits of wood and plastic fall through so this goes through an air separator and bath. By going through this technology, it allows us to recycle the materials into various recycled aggregates which are used all across Dorset and Hampshire. 

There is also a magnet belt which allows us to pick out any metal that is within the waste, so everything at this point is separated and cleaned well. 

You can learn more about our recycled aggregates here >>  

Lastly the waste travels through the largest of our screening belts. This is for waste that is 100mm+. At this stage, our waste operatives will manually pick off any waste items that can be recovered, this may include: 

  • Wood 
  • UPVC 
  • Aluminium 
  • Big lumps of hardcore over 100mm 
  • Recyclables (paper, cardboard etc) 
  • Metals (aluminium, copper etc) 

The aim of the game is to separate and recycle

Once all these mixed waste screening processes have happened, we are typically left with various recyclables that are now all cleaned and ready to be repurposed. 

We try where possible to ensure that as little waste as possible is sent to the landfill centre, and many of our segregated waste types are reused again in the construction and building industry. 

What about hazardous waste?

This has to go through a different process to our mixed waste and will be taken to a different location separate to our recycling plant to be treated.

All hazardous waste that we receive is properly stored, packaged and sent off for further recovery and final disposal. Where possible our hazardous waste materials are recovered into energy rather than landfill. 

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Ready to visit one of our commercial recycling centres?

Whether you’re a business that needs to dispose of your commercial waste, or you’re a waste disposal company, we’re able to accept many waste types at both our Dorset centre in Wimborne or at our Somerset facility in Shepton Mallet.

You can download our 2021 price list or give our team a call on 01202 579579 if you have any questions regarding your waste management. For updates from our both recycling facilities, give our Facebook page a follow!

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