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What does lockdown easing mean for your commercial waste disposal?

The past few months have seen unprecedented changes for every industry. With this, many business operators are having to quickly adapt to a ‘new normal’ in order to continue to trade.

Initially, for the majority of businesses the most significant challenges centred upon how to retain customers and maintain sales revenues whilst also adhering to the government guidance, which included social distancing and home working where possible.

However, with lockdown now being eased, and many offices welcoming employees back (with the appropriate measures in place), have you thought about how your commercial waste disposal methods will need to adapt too?

We understand this is likely to be one of the last things on the long list of new concerns for business operators. However, waste management does need to be carefully considered because it is your responsibility to ensure your business’ waste continues to be disposed of safely and in line with the appropriate legislation.

To help, below we have covered some of the biggest adaptations that your business will likely have to make post-lockdown.

PPE and hazardous waste

Ensuring the welfare of employees is paramount, and for many businesses this may mean supplying a range of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves and masks. But did you know that once used, these items will be classed as hazardous waste?

As such, they will need to be disposed of in the correct manner. PPE is commonly only used once before being discarded, meaning that you could now find yourself with a larger amount of hazardous waste.

Disposal options

To help you manage this, we offer a convenient, affordable Hazardous Waste Box service. For just £70.00+VAT, we can deliver you an empty, fully secure and compliant hazardous waste box. Simply have your team members place their used PPE in the box at the end of the day, and when full, call us to collect it. We will then dispose of your hazardous waste at our fully licenced disposal facility and provide you with a waste consignment note.

Although our hazardous waste boxes are small enough to comfortably fit in your workplace without taking up to much room (measuring 53cm x 30cm x 36cm), they have a capacity of 60L which should allow you to collect a good amount of PPE before needing to arrange a collection.

If you’d prefer, you can drop your hazardous waste to our disposal facility at Canford Recycling Centre. Please note, we ask that you pre-book your hazardous waste disposal slot to ensure that we can deal with your waste efficiently and correctly. To arrange this, or to discuss your specific needs please call our team on 01202 579579.

Emergency or ‘one off’ waste collections

Depending on the internal changes that are required within your business, you may find yourself with a large volume of excess waste that you need to be gone – in a safe and efficient manner. Some of these circumstances may include:

Reopening your doors for the first time in months and the setup process has left you with excess waste

  • Deciding to upgrade old furniture
  • Returning to your premises to find a fly tip
  • Removing desks to adhere to social distancing protocol
  • Using the lockdown to renovate your business premises and have mountains of construction waste, plasterboard or wood waste.

However you’ve accumulated it, you’ll need a way to remove and dispose of this waste, especially before you reopen your doors again.

Disposal options

Man and van service – can clear up to 1 tonne of waste in a single trip. Leave it to our licenced operatives to load the van with your waste for you and then transport it to our local recycling facility for disposal. We can also remove difficult, bulky wastes such as fridges/freezers, mattresses and tyres.

Drop off at our recycling centres – our recycling facilities in Dorset and Somerset are both open for business and fully operational. We have automated weighbridges for quick turnaround times, helpful staff and hard surfaces throughout, so please feel free to bring your waste to us for recycling.

Collection via our partners at Avon Material Supplies – If you have more than 1 tonne of waste for disposal, we can arrange a grab lorry collection via our partners at Avon Material Supplies. Simply call us on 01202 579579 to talk through the options.

A brand new commercial waste management strategy

If COVID-19 has provided you the time required to review some of the strategies and processes your business has in place, we would advise you review your existing waste management solution.

We make this recommendation because an efficient, up to date waste disposal process can often provide some or all of the following benefits:

Cost saving
By shopping around for a new commercial waste disposal site you could save yourself a few (or a lot) of pounds each month. At our tipping sites in Dorset and Somerset, we try to ensure that our rates are competitive as possible. View our price list.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have your waste collected, make sure you are using the most efficient disposal method to suit your needs. Why pay for a weekly or monthly collection just because it’s what you’ve always done, when a hazardous waste box that’s only picked up when it’s full could be more than suitable for your requirements?

Higher recycling levels
By working with a local recycling centre you can help the environment too. We recycle approximately 80% of the waste we receive.

Improved waste storage
How are you currently storing your waste? You may not be using the best solution for your workplace. We offer waste boxes, IBCs, compactor containers and more.

Being fully compliant
Possibly the biggest waste management mistake that a business can make is to be caught disposing of waste illegally. It may not seem like a big deal to hide hazardous items in with your standard waste, to fly tip, or to hire someone that hasn’t provided proof that they are licenced to dispose of the waste correctly, but each of these can come with a hefty fine.

Utilising the services of a fully licenced waste disposal company, such as us at Commercial Recycling, ensures that you are fulfilling your responsibility to have your waste disposed of correctly.

If you’d like more information on this, we’d be happy to advise you. Please call 01202 579579 or email

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With commercial waste disposal sites in Dorset and Somerset, we offer some of the most comprehensive waste management solutions locally. We are fully licenced to collect and dispose of almost all commercially produced waste types, including hazardous wastes. We’ve also remained fully operational throughout the current pandemic, meaning we’re always here to help if you need us.

To discuss your business’ unique waste disposal requirements, please feel free to call our experts on 01202 579579 or email They can offer helpful advice, provide a quote and arrange any required disposals for you.

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