Bring tyres into one of our recycling centres, or we can collect them from you!

Tyre disposal in Dorset and Somerset

Commercial Recycling offer tyre disposal and recycling for businesses, tradespeople and members of the public in Wimborne, Dorset and Evercreech, Somerset.

If you can’t bring your tires to us? Arrange a tyre collection with our friendly team. Call 01202 331560 or read on to learn more.

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    Grab Your free quote


      Waste tyres awaiting disposal

      Types of tyres regularly tipped with us:

      • Car and motorcycle tyres
      • Van, truck and lorry tyres
      • Tractor and trailer tyres

      Can’t see the tyre type you’re looking for? Call us on 01202 331560 or fill in the form on this page.

      Disposing tyres at Commercial Recycling

      Each of the local tips we operate in Dorset and Somerset benefit from having long opening hours and being accessible to commercial businesses and members of the general public.

      We see customers from Poole, Wimborne, Christchurch and Bournemouth for tyre disposal.

      Tyre disposal costs

      The low prices we charge for disposing of waste tyres is calculated on a price per tyre basis with a different rate for each major size of tyre e.g. car, lorry etc

      We are able to provide a ‘price per tonne’ disposal rate for businesses with larger numbers of tyres . To learn more please contact our ‘Difficult Wastes’ expert on 01202 331560 or hazwaste@commercialrecycling.co.uk

      The accepted methods of payments at each of our weighbridges are cash, credit / debit cards or through an approved nett monthly credit account. To learn more about setting up an account with Commercial Recycling please contact our accounts department on 01202 331560 or accounts@commercialrecycling.co.uk

      Taking tyres to our local tips

      Our Dorset and Somerset disposal facilities are ideal for lorries, vans, tippers and cars with trailers because they benefit from good road links, easy access and tarmac surfaces throughout.

      Scrap tyre collections

      Can’t bring your unwanted tyres to us? We offer a convenient, low-cost tyre collection service. Our friendly man and van or grab lorry operatives can collect from as little as 0.25 tonnes of waste tyres from your business, garage, farm, fly tip or anywhere your tyres are. To arrange a tyre collection or for a quote, please call 01202 331560.

      It is good to know…

      • Tyres that are disposed of at our centres are bulk stored and then transported to specialist recyclers for tyre recycling
      • Tyres are not classified as a hazardous waste so therefore do not need to be accompanied by a consignment note. They do however need to be accompanied by a Waste Transfer Note like all other wastes
      • We can accept tyres on or off their rims

      Further information and tipping accounts

      To learn more about the tyre recycling facilities Commercial Recycling offer please contact our team on 01202 331560 or enquiries@commercialrecycling.co.uk. These contact details can also be used for businesses wishing to apply for an approved nett monthly credit account for tipping at Commercial Recycling.

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