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Our waste disposal money saving tips

All around us we are seeing prices rise, whether that is in the cost of materials, the cost of fuel, or the overall cost of running a building. The last thing needed is waste management and disposal costs to increase too. So, reducing your waste disposal costs is just a sensible move right now. Not to mention that it can also benefit the environment.

In this article we share a few of our tips to help you save money when disposing of your waste.

Waste management

Before you start looking at ways to reduce the cost of waste disposal, it is a good idea to get an understanding of where your waste is coming from and what exactly it is.

If you are a DIYer who has been working on a project, the chances are you already know exactly where the waste has come from and what is in it. However, if you are running a larger business with several members of staff or departments then the likelihood is you don’t really know what is in your bin(s).

Waste covers everything from packaging of food from the kitchen, to by-products of production. Spend some time working out what types of waste are coming from where and how much is being put in the bin(s) in a certain time frame. Knowing this information can help identify where you might be able to make savings and can help you implement strategies later on, to reduce overall waste disposal costs.

Segregate waste

When you go to a tip, or recycling centre, the tipping charges will be lower if you have separated out all your waste into the different waste streams. If you turn up with a bag of mixed waste, the recycling centre will charge you more, this is due to the time spent trying to recover as many recyclables as possible, and the fact that any non recyclable materials will ultimately end up going to either landfill or energy recovery.

To do this, make sure you have obvious bins for each waste type that you collect. Make it easy for those around you to segregate their waste too.

At our Dorset and Somerset recycling centres, we have segregated waste bays for the different types of waste. This means that it is easy for you to dispose of the various waste streams in one trip to us. Our bays are close together so you don’t have to drive around to each bay to dispose of each waste stream, or carry heavy loads too far to tip.

Separation of products

If you have bottles or containers that have liquids in them, try and remove the liquids from the recyclable materials as much as possible. By doing this you can optimise the value of the containers while reducing the size of waste.

It is also important that you remove any labels or lid tops that can’t be recycled. For example, if you have milk cartons, then you should take the label off around the middle and dispose of that separately to the carton.

Eliminate waste types

If you don’t have it around, you don’t need to dispose of it.

If you are finding that a lot of your rubbish is just paperwork, why don’t you think about going paperless?. Or if you are finding that you are disposing of a lot of plastic packaging, why not try opting for items that have reduced packaging or trying to reuse it?

Reduce weight and size

This may seem obvious but there are things that you might not have thought about that make items heavier and larger.

For example, if the item you want to dispose of is saturated with liquid, it will be heavier. You can use compression to squeeze out any liquid that has been absorbed, making it lighter.

In doing this you can also make it smaller as the material can be pressed into spaces where liquid was being retained.

Of course, compressing liquid out of an item isn’t the only way to make waste smaller or lighter. For example you could reduce wood palettes into chips or pellets.

On this same trail of thought, it is also worth having a think about whether the waste really needs to go into the regular waste bin. If you have a lot of garden waste, could it go into a compost bin instead. Or if it is a plastic bottle, it should be going into the recycling bin. Making changes like this will mean that you can start reducing the amount of waste going into the general waste bin.

Reuse as much as possible

This one also might be a bit obvious, but reusing items could make a massive difference to your waste disposal costs.

If you are throwing out furniture, maybe take 5 and have a think about it. Could this be reused elsewhere in your house or in your office? Or could you sell it on to someone else? Could you upcycle it with a splash of paint or simple repairs? If you don’t want to sell it, why not take it to a charity shop? Just because you are done with something, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t want it; after all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Make use of free tipping

There are some materials that can be free to tip, so make use of them.

At Commercial Recycling, you can tip cardboard, metal, plastic bottles and UPVC for free. That’s right, you won’t be charged for disposing any of those materials at our recycling centres.

Use right size bins

If you are a business, it is likely that you have a waste management strategy in place. This could involve a variety of wheelie bins, or a RoRo container on site which are emptied at regular intervals.

It is always worth reassessing the strategy you have in place. You might find that actually your bins aren’t full by the time they are being emptied. If this is the case, you can either reduce the frequency that the bins are being emptied, or reduce the volume that the bins are collecting. Either way you will be a money saving change.

Tip at Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling has low minimum tipping charges, making us competitive and a good choice.

Our staff are always on hand to help you out, whether that be with a pricing question or a query about what can and can’t be brought to us. Call 01202 579579 to speak to our friendly team and get the answers before you arrive.

We are easy to find and get to, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing your van or car into tight or uneven spaces. This includes at our tips, as we have concrete across our locations to make driving around easier and hassle-free.

We also have several bays for the waste types, allowing quick turn around, and easy access to dispose of your waste.

Being open Monday to Friday 7am to 5:30pm, there is plenty of time to get down to us to tip your rubbish, and if you are local to our Canford site, you can even tip on a Saturday, as we are open from 7am on Saturday mornings.

We encourage our customers to separate their waste into the different waste types that they have. Thanks to our segregated waste bays, it is easy to tip each waste stream in one trip, meaning you don’t have to make several runs with different waste types.

We will recycle as much waste as possible and are aiming for “zero waste to landfill” so when you tip with us, you can be assured that you are playing your part in helping the environment.

If you would like to know more about waste disposal at our Bournemouth or Somerset site, please get in touch with us by calling 01202 579579 or emailing enquiries@avonmaterialsupplies.co.uk.

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