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Tree Root Disposal

A lot of recycling centres and tips often won’t accept loads of green waste if they contain significantly large bits of trees such as stumps, roots or thick branches. These parts of trees can be problematic to break down for recycling and therefore require more work than other types green waste.

Small bits of trees such as thin branches and leaves are generally classed as garden waste and will be widely accepted.

At Commercial Recycling, we have the facilities to accept all forms of tree waste, including the thick roots and branches. The on-site disposal facilities at our recycling centres in Dorset and Somerset provide users requiring tree root disposal with a fast turnaround and low minimum weight charges.

Green waste recycling

Once tipped, all disposed garden waste is stored together onsite to allow for further processing or transportation to be easily completed.

Our Garden Waste Disposal Sites

The sites that can accommodate green waste, large branches and troublesome tree roots are:

These sites are open to the public, tradespeople and businesses Monday – Friday and Canford Recycling Centre is also open on Saturday mornings. Each facility benefits from hard surfaces throughout to allow use by all vehicle types.

If you are transporting your own tree root waste, simply drive onto the weighbridge and we can calculate how much green waste you are disposing of.

Garden waste site clearance

If you have been undertaking a project that has produced any green or garden waste, we can help with the clearance of garden, shrubbery and tree waste.

We can collect loose or bagged garden waste via our trusted associated company Avon Material Supplies. The extensive fleet of tipper trucks and grab lorries they operate provide customers with the opportunity to choose the optimum vehicle size and type for their project.

To find out more about our garden waste and tree root disposal services, contact our friendly team on 01202 331560. today.

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