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The Process of Disposing of Asbestos Waste

You’ll already be aware that asbestos can be extremely harmful to the environment and health. As such, it needs to be disposed of according to Government guidelines. This strict process ensures that no unnecessary risks are taken that could result in harm. 

At Commercial Recycling, we are fully licenced to accept a wide range of hazardous wastes for safe disposal, including asbestos. To help make the asbestos disposal process as easy as possible, our haz waste experts have put together this step by step guide. 

Whether you have asbestos sheets, roof tiles, insulation, plasterboard, or asbestos cement, follow these steps for safe, legal and responsible disposal.

Discovering asbestos

If you have uncovered asbestos, we highly recommend getting someone to review the situation unless you are experienced in handling the substance. It is always safer to seek guidance first. 

We offer free advice, and can even arrange a site survey to assess the asbestos. Contact us on 01202 579579 or email to learn more.

Storing / packaging the asbestos

Due to its hazardous nature, it is essential to store the asbestos in a sealed container so that none of the fibres make their way into the environment. There are a number of ways you can do this, we recommend:

Enclosed asbestos skips or roros

For larger amounts of asbestos waste or for longer-term projects where asbestos is present, we can arrange asbestos skip hire from our friends at Avon Material Supplies. 

They offer specific asbestos skips and roros ranging from 6 yards to 35 yards in size that are suitable for a wide range of projects.

Please note, any materials that could come into contact with asbestos fibres and cannot be decontaminated are also deemed hazardous. These should also be placed in the asbestos skip.

Double-bagged / wrapped system

To be as safe as possible, double bagging or wrapping asbestos is highly recommended. We can supply you with these if required or advise where you can purchase this from. All bags and wraps must also be taped to ensure no asbestos fibres are on show. 

To ensure the bags don’t split, we advise that each asbestos sheet is bagged separately, and that the individual bags only hold up to 25kg.  

Find a licensed waste disposal site

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the waste type there is no disposal option other than for it to go to a licenced hazardous waste landfill site or transfer station.

Our Canford Recycling Centre in Wimborne is one of the only local sites that is fully licensed to accept asbestos waste, and dispose of it compliantly. 

If you are found to be not using a licensed waste disposal company, you could face a hefty fine. You can learn more about this on

Pre-book a disposal slot

We ask that anyone wishing to dispose of asbestos waste at our centre pre-books their disposal slot. This is to ensure that we have trained staff on hand, that we don’t keep you waiting, and that we have all of the required paperwork ready for you. 

To pre-book your disposal, please call us on 01202 579579 or fill out our form. We are open Monday – Friday 07:00 – 17:30 and Saturday mornings between 07:00 – 12:00.

The disposal

Once you arrive onsite at your designated time, one of our hazardous waste experts will greet you. They will instruct you to drive onto one of our automated weighbridges so that we can calculate the tipping charge.

Our asbestos disposal prices start at just ¼ tonne. Once the transaction is complete, they will hand over all of the paperwork that proves you have disposed of the waste compliantly and you can be on your way!

Did you know? We can also take the bagged and sealed PPE that was used to handle asbestos!

What happens to your asbestos after you’ve disposed of it?

Once we have ensured that it’s been disposed of properly with suitable taping and wrapping the only option is for it to be sent to a hazardous permitted landfill centre, this will either be sent to one in Somerset or Wiltshire as there are no hazardous waste landfills in Dorset. 

These locations are fully controlled by the environment agency, and due to the nature of asbestos, it cannot be disposed of in any other way (e.g. incinerated, recycled or reused.) 

Asbestos collections

If you can’t (or would prefer not to) bring your asbestos waste to Canford Recycling Centre, we offer an affordable collection service. 

Our Man & Van waste collection service is fully licensed to carry hazardous waste, including asbestos. The van can hold up to 1 tonne of waste in a single trip, and can be with you the next day (STA). All our operators have carried out asbestos training so are fully up to speed with how to transfer asbestos compliantly and safely. 

As with disposals on site, you will be provided with all of the required paperwork

Contact us

We hope you found this guide to disposing of asbestos waste helpful, If you have any questions about asbestos disposal, would like to book a disposal slot, or arrange a collection, please feel free to contact us. You can call 01202 579579, email, or visit our asbestos disposal webpage and fill in the form. For more updates from Commercial Recycling, visit our Facebook page.

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