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Summer updates from Commercial Recycling

We’ve been very busy over the last few months working on some exciting new projects, and with lots going on (and coming up), we thought we would update you.

The push wall project

Starting in August, we are planning to commence the ‘push wall project’ at our Commercial Recycling centre in Wimborne.

What is a push wall?

It’s a properly engineered, high strength reinforced wall that uses blocks to build up bays which will make it far simpler for waste separation. It will be particularly beneficial for our man and van customers.

The push walls that we install will be extremely durable, allowing them to withstand the significant pressures from the recycling of various types of waste.

Open air storage at Southwood

As a side project to our Southwood Recycling Centre, we have now opened a storage facility. Our facility near Shepton Mallet in Somerset offers secure 20ft storage containers both brand new and refurbished for all budgets on short or long-term rentals.

There is also the option for open air storage, which is either available in a quarter of an acre plot, half an acre plot or acre plot.

View storage prices and more information.

The opening of our new inert facility

Earlier in July, we opened our newest site at Wincanton in Somerset. This site is specifically an inert tipping facility suitable for the waste disposal of materials such as soil, concrete, hardcore, and rubble.

We have a dedicated page and blog so you can learn more about the site, it’s opening hours, prices and how to get there.

For more information, call Ricky on 01202 331560 option 3.

Pricing changes

We recently changed the pricing charges for wood waste disposal at both our recycling centres in Dorset and Somerset.

Previously, we had one charge for all wood (£100 + VAT). The new changes mean we have introduced two grades. This means that if you are disposing of clean wood, you will only pay £80 + VAT. Mixed wood will now be charged at a slightly higher rate of £130 + VAT.

The new grading system means that you can save money if you segregate your wood waste properly.

View all our prices.

And in other news…

  • Stuart Mariner, our Sales Manager recently passed his ADR course, which is needed for the transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous waste.
  • Southwood Recycling Centre has been successful in obtaining its scrap metal merchant license!
  • In July we introduced Ronnie to our team, who has joined us as our new Sales Coordinator.

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