Somerset Recycling, Southwood, Commercial Recycling

New phone number for Southwood Recycling Centre

Our Somerset Recycling site, Southwood Recycling Centre has a new phone number, which is 01749 830 889.

The phone is manned during office hours by our own Somerset Recycling experts. To learn more about Southwood Recycling centre please visit: or call 01749 830 889.

A few facts about our Somerset Recycling Centre:

  • Located at BA4 6LX
  • Open all day Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings
  • Licensed to accept all major waste types, including: general, construction, wood, plasterboard, inert spoil and plastics

A few benefits of our Somerset Recycling Centre:

  • Great prices
  • Low minimum charges
  • Automated weighbridge
  • Fast turnaround times

Let's work together

We've merged withAvon Material Supplies

We are thrilled to announce our merger with Avon Material Supplies! This seamless collaboration will benefit our valued customers and the community with enhanced services and efficiency.