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Site Improvements at Canford Recycling Centre

We strive to constantly improve our sites and make your experience at our recycling centres smooth, easy, and safe.

With the appointment of Neil, our Operations Manager, and Wayne, our Site Supervisor, at Canford Recycling, our site has seen a few changes to make sure we are running as efficiently as possible, recycling as much as possible, and keeping staff and visitors as safe as possible.

In this article, we shine a light on some of the updates.

New plant equipment

In the past few months, we have invested in some brand-new plants for the site.

This includes replacing our waste rehandlers and excavators that are used around the site.

Our two new waste rehandlers enable us to recycle more waste as we can use them to sort through large piles of general waste to discover and remove any waste material that is recyclable. The grab arms of these plants are incredibly dexterous and accurate, meaning they can grab a thin piece of plastic and pull it out of the general waste pile.

The cabin of the plant is also able to rise giving the driver an elevated view of the waste pile and movement of the grab arm. This comes in especially handy in shed one where the grab arm moves waste from the pile onto our processing belt which transports the rubbish to our picking line. Being able to view the belt enables the staff member to make sure the waste isn’t gathering at the bottom and slowing the process down.

These plants enable us to move the waste through our process quicker, while also pulling out more recyclable material on the ground, increasing our recycling rates.

When renewing this equipment, we also wanted to make sure that we were being environmentally friendly, so we bought newer plant equipment that have higher euro standard engines, meaning that less diesel is being used.

Efficiency is key at our sites, so making sure the waste can move around the site quickly and safely is a priority. With this in mind, all of our site staff are now able to drive the majority of the mobile plants. This gives us flexibility within the team so that when one staff member is off, someone else can jump in and make sure the job is still done.

Road sweeper

Another piece of equipment that we have invested in is a road sweeper to run around our sites.

We frequently use this piece of equipment around our site to pick up dust and any waste that might have escaped the bays and may be lying in the path of any vehicle. This will reduce the risk of vehicles getting punctures and also will reduce dust content in the yard to make it a cleaner and safe place to visit.

By removing the dust from the yard, we will also be lowering our impact on the local environment and community.

New Staff

As we aim to recycle more of the waste that is coming into Canford Recycling, we have looked to grow the team working on our site.

We now have a permanent staff member manning our small load waste bays. He monitors all the waste that comes in, pulling out any obvious recyclable materials from general waste, such as cardboard, as well as making sure that dangerous materials such as WEEE waste, batteries, and canisters are removed before going up to the picking line.

We now also have more people working on our picking line station, enabling us to pull out more plasterboard, cardboard, plastic, inert material, and metal from the general waste. The hands on our picking line pick out 11 different commodities that are able to be recycled. Leaving solely RDF (Residual Derived Fuel) at the end of it which is then sent to an energy recovery centre.

Having the extra pairs of hands at both of these stages has already made a difference in the amount of waste that is being recycled and reduced the amount of RDF going to be burnt.

Future plans

Our work isn’t stopping there. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding walkways around the site. This will happen in two stages, the first stage will be painting lines at the edge of the site, creating a walkway from the Commercial Recycling reception to the waste bays, and the second stage will see walkways being added in front of the buildings.

Once the paths have been marked out with paint, we will then add gates and fences along them too.
These will clearly define areas to walk which will keep staff and visitors walking around the site out of the way from moving plants.

Interested in tipping with us?

Our site is situated next to Canford Arena, a convenient distance from Wimborne and Dorset.

We are a fully licensed recycling facility, that is able to accept all types of waste including WEEE and hazardous waste and asbestos.

Before visiting us, we recommend that you separate as much of the waste as possible, as it will be cheaper to dispose of waste streams separately, than altogether as general waste. Find our prices on our tipping price list.

If you have any questions about visiting our site, you can call our friendly team on 01202 579579 or emailing

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