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Fluorescent tube disposal near me in Dorset? How to dispose fluorescent tubes safely

Fluorescent tubes and fluorescent bulbs are classified by the UK Government as waste that is always hazardous. Essentially, this means that if they are not disposed of in a safe and compliant way, fluorescent lighting tubes can be harmful to the environment, wildlife and to people.

In England, you have a legal ‘duty of care’ to make sure that hazardous waste produced or handled by your business is managed in a manner that will cause no harm or damage.

In this article, we look at what makes fluorescent lighting potentially hazardous and how you can safely dispose of fluorescent tubes and bulbs in Dorset or Somerset.

Safe fluorescent tube disposal near you in Dorset and Somerset

If you’re looking for safe fluorescent tubes disposal in Dorset or Somerset, Commercial Recycling can help. If you’re in Dorset, our specialist facility, Canford Recycling Centre, near Wimborne in Dorset, is fully licensed to accept hazardous waste. Should you or your business be near Shepton Mallet, our Somerset Recycling Centre in Evercreech is a wise choice for fluorescent tube disposal in Somerset. Each of our facilities is easy to use and authorised to accept waste fluorescent lighting. 

Commercial Recycling take all necessary precautions to ensure that the waste tubes we accept for disposal are safely stored prior to transportation to a specialist recycling facility.

Why does fluorescent tube disposal need to be conducted safely?

Certain components within fluorescent tubes pose a danger to people, animals, and the environment, this is because fluorescent tubes contain small amounts of mercury, also commonly known as quicksilver, which is highly toxic.

If fluorescent tubes are disposed of incorrectly, for example, if they are placed in mixed waste, mercury could be released into the atmosphere and contaminate wildlife or water, increasing the risk of mercury poisoning in humans.

Did you know… mercury is most commonly dissipated into the atmosphere when it’s incinerated

How can I safely dispose of fluorescent tubes in Dorset or Somerset?

As with all hazardous waste, fluorescent tubes must be stored, collected and treated in accordance with strict guidelines, to ensure that they don’t cause harm.

Commercial Recycling can help you dispose of all hazardous waste, but please note, our hazardous waste disposal service must be pre-booked before arrival on site. For guidance on what hazardous and difficult wastes are accepted at our recycling centres, please contact our expert team on 01202 579579.

We strongly recommend all customers requiring hazardous waste disposal first contact our head office, by calling 01202 579579, before visiting either site. This is because our Southwood site is not licensed to accept all types of difficult waste.

If you require us to, we can arrange to collect the fluorescent tubes or bulbs from your premises by providing a hazardous waste removal service. When collecting your hazardous waste, in most cases, we will provide a specialist lightweight ‘fluorescent tube coffin’ that can be filled to allow the hazardous waste to be transported safely.

To enquire about hazardous waste collections in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and Somerset please contact the team on: 01202 579579 or enquiries@avonmaterialsupplies.co.uk.

How to safely dispose of a broken fluorescent tube

In the event of any breakage, it’s really important to limit the number of people who are exposed to a broken or damaged fluorescent tube. If you do accidentally break or damage a fluorescent tube in your business premises, doing the following can help to keep everyone safe:

  • Ask anyone in the room to leave.
  • Turn off the air conditioning or central heating system to prevent any toxins from spreading further.
  • Open the window to air the room.
  • Transfer fragments of the broken tube into a disposable container; be careful not to touch the tube directly, use cardboard or paper to move it instead.
  • Collect smaller shards with sticky tape.
  • Avoid using a vacuum cleaner as the mercury powder can be spread the next time you hoover.

If you have a broken fluorescent tube that you need to dispose of, contact the Commercial Recycling team on 01202 579579, we are happy to advise on what you need to do to dispose of broken fluorescent tubes safely.

Fluorescent tube disposal for commercial contractors in Dorset and Somerset

If you are a commercial contractor that requires frequent fluorescent tube disposal in Dorset or Somerset, call our sales team on 01202 579579 to find out about the discounts we offer to tradespeople and contractors.

Hazardous waste advice and additional information

Our hazardous waste experts, onsite at Canford Recycling Centre, are able to provide free advice about safely disposing of fluorescent tubes to businesses, tradespeople and individuals. Click to contact our hazardous waste experts today for further advice, by calling 01202 579579 or email enquiries@avonmaterialsupplies.co.uk.

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