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Motor oil disposal near me in Dorset? How to safely dispose of motor oil

Motor oil is classed as a hazardous substance and therefore must be disposed of safely in accordance with the appropriate legislation. In this article, we illustrate a legal method to dispose of waste oil, which is both affordable and efficient. It also covers who to contact for free advice on motor oil disposal in Dorset.  

Why is motor oil hazardous?

Motor oil is hazardous due to the many contaminants that it picks up when it’s run through an engine such as lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, and benzene. These chemicals can be very harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.

Why should I dispose of motor oil properly?

In order to prevent waste motor oil ending up where it is not permitted or wanted it must be transported to a facility where it can be accepted and disposed of correctly. Depending on the local disposal site used, the waste oil will either be bulk stored and then transported to a specialist recycling centre for further treatment or it will be cleaned, refined and recycled onsite.

Did you know? If you are in possession of waste oil or materials contaminated with oils, it is your duty to take every step to ensure that the waste items are stored securely and transported safely and legally to a licensed disposal facility, such as Canford Recycling Centre.

How should I dispose of motor oil correctly?

Firstly, decant your unwanted motor oil into a suitable container, then get in touch with your local recycling centre to book in your disposal and/or collection service.

If you are in Dorset or Somerset, you can dispose of your waste oil through Commercial Recycling. For further information and contact details, please see our local recycling sites.

It’s important to remember what to do in the case of any spillages:

  1. Always wear gloves when dealing with motor oil
  2. Don’t use detergents or water when cleaning up motor oil spills because they can react with the hazardous substances
  3. Use an old rag to clean up the spillage, then dispose of the contaminated rag at the recycling centre along with your motor oil

Did you know that just one litre of motor oil can contaminate a massive one million litres of water? Be sure to recycle properly to avoid harmful pollution.*

Motor oil disposal with Commercial Recycling

Due to the hazardous nature of motor oil, we do require you to pre-book a disposal slot, ideally 24-hours prior to visiting one of our local recycling centres. If you’re unable to transport your waste motor oil to our recycling centre, we can pick it up for you.

For collection and disposal prices, you can give our team a call on 01202 579579 or email us at


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