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Tips near Shepton Mallet in Somerset

Individuals looking for a tip near Shepton Mallet in Somerset can choose to use either household recycling centres (HWRCs) in Wells, Glastonbury or Castle Cary or our Commercial Recycling centre in Southwood.

HWRCs are often the ideal solution for homeowners disposing of small amounts of household waste but they can be an expensive option when tipping certain waste types in volumes exceeding ¼ tonne.

Charges at HWRCs in Somerset

According to local residents wishing to dispose of any of the following waste types will be charged.

  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboard
  • Gas bottles
  • Soil and hardcore
  • Motor vehicle tyres

For details of charges please visit or

Comparing tipping rates

(To help interpret the below information we would suggest half a tonne is the approximate weight of material you could place in a small single axle car trailer)

Southwood Recycling Centre  Price Somerset HWRCs Price
Soil (per tonne) £30.00 Soil (per tonne) £60.58
Hardcore (per tonne) £10.00 Hardcore (per tonne) £60.58
Gas Bottles (per bottle) £15.00 Gas Bottles (per bottle) From £5.16
Plasterboard (per 1/4 tonne) £25.00 Plasterboard  (per sheet / rubble sack) £3.33

Prices quoted are correct as of 23.09.16 according to and Please note prices are exclusive of VAT and could be changed without prior notification.

Southwood recycling centre

Using Southwood Recycling Centre

Southwood Recycling Centre benefits from easy access, wide roadways, hard surfaces throughout and a separate inert tipping area, which provides an efficient tipping service to users with an average turnaround time of just 8 minutes.

In addition to cheaper tipping rates* for soil, hardcore and plasterboard, there are no requirements for visitors to pre-book waste or pay before tipping.

How to use our tip near Shepton Mallet

Southwood Recycling Centre is open for tipping Monday to Friday between 07:30am and 5:00pm. Members of the public are very welcome and accepted vehicle types include cars, cars with trailers, transit vans, tippers and pick-ups.

Payment options available on site are cash, credit / debit card or an approved nett monthly credit account.

 Finding Southwood Recycling Centre

Southwood Recycling Centre is located in Evercreech near Shepton Mallet, just off the A371.

  • Address: Southwood Recycling Centre, Evercreech, Nr. Shepton Mallet, Somerset. BA4 6LX
  • Phone: 01749 830889

*Savings are dependent on waste type and volume of waste being tipped and prices can be changed without prior notification.

Digger at Southwood inert tipping facility


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