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Use of local landfill sites is changing due to further restrictions and closures


AMS grab lorry unloading Green waste at Commercial Recycling centre in Bournemouth, Dorset

“Landfill should be the option of last resort for most waste, especially biodegradable and recyclable waste.”

Source: gov.uk

The viewpoint of the Government has resulted in further restrictions on which waste types are permitted for disposal in landfills sites. There has also been an increase in the number of landfills being closed. Most notably, last year saw the closure of Packington which was the largest landfill in the UK.

In addition to policy changes and forced closures, other landfills are struggling to cope with demand because they are nearing full capacity and are unable to gain planning consent to extend their sites.  

Businesses need to find an alternative to landfill

As the use and availability of landfill changes, businesses must now consider other local disposal options, accounting for further source segregation and incurring increased operational costs for transporting their waste further to available landfills.

To help businesses reduce their reliance on using landfill for waste disposal, recycling sites such as Canford Recycling Centre and Southwood Recycling Centre are investing heavily to ensure they offer an efficient and cost effective disposal service.  

Recent changes Commercial Recycling have implemented include a new weighbridge and access road at Southwood Recycling Centre and the successful application for the acceptance of a large array of hazardous wastes at Canford Recycling Centre.

Benefits of recycling centres operated by Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling operate local tips in Dorset and Somerset. Each of their recycling centres benefits from:

  • Competitive prices
  • Easy access
  • Automated weighbridges
  • Hard surfaces throughout
  • Long opening hours including *Saturday mornings (*only at Canford Recycling Centre)
  • Low minimum weight charge of just 0.25 tonnes on most waste types
  • Acceptance of all major waste types, such as construction & demolition, commercial & industrial, plasterboard, green etc.
  • Acceptance of difficult and hazardous wastes* including fridges / freezers, tyres, asbestos, TVs and waste oil. (*only at Canford Recycling Centre)
  • Payment using cash, credit/debit card and approved nett monthly credit account. To apply for an account please call 01202 579579

Visual representation of the Government’s viewpoint

Government intentions for waste can be visually represented in a waste hierarchy, which shows landfill being at the bottom. Source: environment.scotland.gov.uk/

Waster Pyramid

To learn more about how Commercial Recycling helps businesses to reduce their use of landfills, please contact our team on: 01202 579579 or email: enquiries@avonmaterialsupplies.co.uk

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