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Keeping you safe at our sites

This month our new Head of Health and Safety, Mark Spears joined the team here at Commercial Recycling. With a lot going on across our sites, especially at Canford Recycling Centre, we work hard to keep both our customers and our staff safe.

With this in mind, we wanted to take a moment to share with you what we have in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

Tippers and concrete trucks

If you have visited us before, you will know that our sites are pretty busy. Canford Recycling Centre also shares its site with our partner company Avon Material Supplies (AMS). This means that the Canford site not only has our tipping facility, but also has an inert facility, which sees tipper trucks come and go as they collect our aggregates.

Up at the inert facility, AMS also has a concrete batching plant, so as well as the tipper trucks driving around, we also have a variety of concrete trucks around too.

As you can imagine, these trucks are not small, so pose a potential risk to you and our staff.

To avoid any vehicle collisions, we have clearly marked out road and pedestrian systems leading up to and around our sites. We ask that everyone, including the AMS tipper truck drivers, stick to the systems and follow the general highway code, giving way to anyone on the right at mini roundabouts and driving on the left on any 2 way roads.

Please obey the speed signage where displayed. Where there is no signage there is a speed limit of 10mph.

For the safety of all on site pedestrians must use the marked-out walkways.


We have a few bits of machinery around our sites; Predominantly, we have excavators to move rubbish from larger piles that you dump at, to smaller piles where we can go through the rubbish and start the recycling process.

We keep the machinery working in certain areas where the general public are prohibited to go. This means that we are reducing the risk of anything falling from the machinery and hitting a visitor etc.

We will have a separate place for you to drop your waste off to so that you aren’t in the same area as our machinery.

An example of this is at our Canford site, where we have a pile of general waste collected in one of our units. The excavators operate within the unit, where, unless you are in a tipper or skip truck, customers don’t go. We then have a specific bay for general waste that our customers drop off into. Only when the site is empty will our vehicles head out to the bay to transport the waste to the larger pile ready to be gone through.

Slipping or tripping

There is always a risk of slipping wherever you are, and our recycling centres are no exception. If it is wet, our floors may get a little bit slippy, or if it is cold there is always a chance of it being icy.

When it gets cold, and there is a risk of the floor getting slippery, we put grit down on the ground to reduce the chances of the floor freezing over. We also have flood lights around our site so that everywhere is well lit and when it gets dark.

We have smooth and even surfacing throughout our sites to reduce the risk of tripping over, and we have men on and around the yard who make sure that any waste stays in the allocated areas and out of the footpaths and roads.

Lifting heavy things

It is common for people to come to us with heavy loads that need to be moved from their vehicles to the designated area for that waste type. This will always present a risk so we have designed the layouts of our recycling sites to try and reduce any injury that you may sustain when carrying heavier items or loads.

You are able to drive right up to each waste bay, so that you don’t need to carry waste loads very far from your car. Our yardmen are also around to help you carry anything heavy to the right bay.

Wearing PPE

Everyone visiting or working on our tip sites are required to wear PPE.

The minimum PPE that is required to be worn on site is:

  • A hard hat
  • A high vis jacket
  • A pair of safety boots/protective footwear

If you arrive at one of our sites without the required PPE you can purchase items from a member of the weighbridge staff.

Handling hazardous waste

Hazardous waste is any waste that is harmful to human health, or to the environment, either immediately or over an extended period of time. Inhalation, ingestion, or dermal exposure to some hazardous waste can cause significant harm to humans, and the environment, which is why it is so important that it is handled correctly.

If you are unsure about handling any hazardous waste, we can come and collect it for you. We have a few different hazardous waste collection options that suit any amount of waste you might have.

If you have a smaller amount, then our hazardous waste boxes will be the ideal solution for you. All you need to do is call us up to order your box. We will then deliver it to you at a time that is convenient for you and then collect it once you have filled the box up.

Alternatively, if you have larger amounts of hazardous waste that you need disposing of, our Man and Van service can come and collect all the waste from you. Our team of hazardous waste collectors are all fully licensed to handle any hazardous waste you have, and will load it all into the van for you.

Need to dispose of waste?

If you have got some waste that you are needing to dispose of, head down to your local recycling centre at Canford Recycling Centre or Somerset Recycling Centre or visit our inert tip, Orchard Farm near Wincanton.

If you would like to know more about our sites, or about the health and safety rules we have in place, please feel free to call us on 01202 579579, or send us an email at

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