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September 30, 2016 WGmarketing

What is Inert Waste?

clay and soil tip in Somerset

Inert materials are unreactive, both biologically and chemically. This means that when inert waste is disposed of it takes a long time to decompose or doesn’t decompose at all.

This type of waste will not pose a threat to the environment, animals or human health and will not endanger the quality of water courses. But when there is a large amount of this type of waste, it can become an issue as it takes up a lot of space.

Commercial Recycling makes the most of inert waste by recycling it into aggregates that can be used for a wide range of purposes or alternatively inert waste materials can be used as a capping layer on landfill sites, in restoration works or in the creation of acoustic bunds.

Types of Inert Waste

Examples of inert waste that are accepted at our inert tipping facilities in Hampshire*, Somerset and Dorset:

  • Clay
  • Sub soil
  • Chalk
  • Concrete
  • Hardcore
  • Rubble

*Please note concrete, hardcore and rubble cannot be accepted at our Apsley site near Andover in Hampshire)

Our sites that accept inert waste

Commercial Recycling has sites that are licensed to accept inert waste streams. These sites allow for soil disposal Somerset, rubble disposal Somerset as well as inert material disposal in Dorset.

Our inert waste disposal facilities are:

Transporting Inert materials to our sites

All of our inert sites benefit from good access and are able to accept various vehicle types including tipper trucks, grab lorries, skip lorries and roro vehicles.

If you or your contractor cannot travel to one of our sites, then through trusted and reliable companies including Avon Material Supplies, we can arrange for tipper trucks or grab lorries to collect the waste from your site. For further information about our inert waste collection service contact us on 01202 331560..

If you have any enquiries about disposing of inert waste with Commercial Recycling, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 331560..