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Sand products at Canford Recycling Centre

Full range of sands including screened building sand, animal bedding sand and sharp washed sand (grit)

Sand products we sell

Commercial Recycling are leading suppliers of recycled and primary aggregates throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon. As part of this, we manufacture and sell an array of different sand products at Canford Recycling Centre.

Our sand products are available in loose loads which can be collected by businesses and tradespeople directly from Canford Recycling Centre, Wimborne, Dorset. BH21 3BW. The full range of aggregates, sands and soils can also be delivered to homes, businesses and construction sites throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon.

A Bulk Bag service is also available for delivery to sites throughout Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas.

Deliveries are carried out by AMS (Avon Material Supplies) on various sized tipper lorries and grab trucks. To arrange delivery please contact AMS order office directly on 01202 579579.

Introducing our sands

Using the advanced washing and screening facilities which are available at the Canford Recycling Centre, we are able to produce a number of separate sand products that are all available for many different uses.

Sharp washed sand (Grit)

This coarse, washed and graded sand is 5mm in size. It is typically purchased by businesses, construction sites and individuals. Sharp washed sand is perfectly suited to be used for floor screeds, block paving and mixed with other size aggregates to make concreting ballast. Produced in accordance with the Environment Agency’s WRAP protocol, our sharp washed sand is classified as a recycled aggregate and is tested and meets the British Specification for this material.


Medium washed sand (Washed sand)

A finer alternative to sharp washed sand, medium washed sand is also graded but smaller at approximately 2mm in size. Also classified as a recycled product and produced in accordance with the Environment Agency’s WRAP protocol, our medium washed sand is produced by the aggregate washing plant and is the go-to product often selected for general sand fill.


Washed sand suitable for cattle bedding

This fine washed sand is used extensively on farms throughout the South West and Southern England countryside. At around 2mm in size, it is a first-rate manufactured sand that is ideal for cattle bedding as it reduces dust, stores less bacteria and offers greater comfort. An added ‘after use’ benefit of this sand is it can be spread on wet areas, as the sand helps to improve ground conditions.


Washed sand suitable for cable laying

When laying cables this is the ultimate sand to use. Frequently purchased by businesses and construction sites and tested for conductivity properties, this washed recycled sand that is relatively fine at 2mm but the correct choice to ensure that cables are laid properly and securely.


Washed sand suitable for equestrian use

This sand is a firm favourite of horse lovers across Dorset and Somerset. Produced by the aggregate washing plant, this recycled product is an ideal and cheaper alternative to using silica sand and is used by equestrian centres on their ménages. Soft under hoof with good drainage properties, this washed sand makes for a perfect riding surface.


Screened building sand

A yellow imported as dug sand that is then produced by dry screening over 5mm wire screens. Suitable for various aspects of construction such as bricklaying, pointing and blockwork, screened building sand is popular with builders in the Poole and Bournemouth area. Regularly tested, this sand meets the British Specification for this product. Test certificates available.


As dug sand (Filling sand)

As dug, or filling sand, is produced at the Canford site by screening imported sand over our 20mm ‘Warrior’ screener. This screening process is vital to ensure that any unacceptable large lumps of clay or dry screened sand are removed. This sand product is suitable for a bulk filling product or used for general fill, suitable for blinding on oversite material before concreting.


Sampling and testing of our sand products

Independent testing of all products is regularly carried out and is available on request. Samples of any of our products can be provided for your inspection within a few days of request

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