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Printer Toner Cartridge Recycling & Disposal

Disposals available at both our Dorset and Somerset Recycling Centres

Although many offices are striving to become paperless, it’s still commonplace for the majority of businesses to use at least one printer. But did you know that most used printer and toner cartridges are classed as hazardous waste?

As a business operator, it is your responsibility to arrange for your redundant printer and toner cartridges to be recycled or disposed of in line with current legislation. This means most cartridges cannot be placed in your general waste containers.

Compliant printer cartridge disposal

In 2016, the Government ruled that printer and toner cartridges now fall in the category of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment). As such, printer and toner cartridges must now be disposed of at an authorised disposal facility.

This is where Commercial Recycling can help. We are a fully licenced waste facility that is authorised to accept almost all commonly produced hazardous wastes, including printer and toner cartridges.

Why do printer toner cartridges require specialist recycling?

The ink used in these products produces a type of dust that is considered a ‘nuisance to health’. Additionally, we are all becoming more aware of how damaging plastic is to our planet, and unfortunately, toner and printer cartridges are primarily made from this material.

It is these risks to health and/or the effects on the environment that lead to an item being classed as hazardous (and therefore requiring specialist disposal), as is the case with printer and toner cartridges.

Commercial Recycling Hazardous waste boxesPrinter toner recycling near you

If your business is producing printer and/or toner cartridges that you need to get rid of, we can help. We offer a range of hazardous waste disposal solutions, however the most popular choice for printer toner cartridge recycling is our hazardous waste boxes.

With a 60L capacity, our hazardous waste boxes are ideal for safely storing your printer and toner cartridges. For just £70.00, we will deliver an empty box to you. Simply fill it with your old cartridges in one go or overtime, and call us to collect the box when it’s full. We will then take care of the compliant disposal for you.

To learn more or order a hazardous waste box, please call us on 01202 331560.

Cartridge drop-offs at our local recycling centres

If you’d prefer, you can bring your printer and toner cartridges to either our recycling centres, which are:

As with any hazardous waste, we ask that you pre-book your printer toner disposal slot with us in advance. This is to ensure that we will have a hazardous waste expert on hand. We will also provide the relevant consignment note to prove that you have disposed of your waste compliantly.

To arrange your waste disposal, please contact us.

Free advice or further guidance

If you need assistance with your toner or printer cartridge recycling, or any other hazardous waste that you commercially produce, please contact our friendly hazardous waste experts on 01202 331560, or email

Our team can advise on the best solution for your individual needs, whether that is a hazardous waste box, a one-off larger hazardous waste collection from our man and van team, or any other specialist hazardous waste service that we offer.

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