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Waste Types You May Not Know We Can Accept

Whether you’re currently using Commercial Recycling for waste disposal already, or you’re completely new to our recycling centres, chances are we can help you to dispose of a lot more waste types that you might think!

Commercial Recycling are experts in providing its clients with a complete range of waste disposal solutions, including zero waste to landfill services, WEEE disposal and hazardous waste processing.

The most common waste streams disposed of at our waste management facilities in Dorset and Somerset are:

Although the above forms of waste do make up the majority of wastes we receive there are plenty more waste types we can help with. Listed below are some of less common wastes we process, which we are often asked whether we are able to accept.

Disposal of gas bottles

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the substance held inside, the disposal of gas bottles must be carried out by a qualified party. At Commercial Recycling, we have the appropriate infrastructure, licenses and qualified staff to be able to accept waste gas bottles and cylinders for recycling. Gas containers we frequently receive include fire extinguishers, BBQ gas bottles, camping gas bottles and patio heater cylinders.

As gas bottles are considered hazardous, please call us on 01202 331560 in order to pre-arrange a disposal time slot. This will ensure that we will have all of the required documents ready for you, making your disposal as convenient as possible.

Paint can disposal

Did you know that paint is also classed as a hazardous waste? Therefore, to ensure the waste paint is disposed of in a compliant manner and the appropriate paperwork can be provided to the business, contractor or tradesperson, it must be segregated and processed at a licensed facility such as our Canford Recycling Centre.

Whether you’re using paint regularly as a contractor, decorator, or simply have a can or two that require disposing of, we can help. To keep things simple, our paint disposal rates are charged per tin. For larger quantities we may be able to provide a bulk disposal rate. To enquire, please call 01202 331560 opt. 3.

Aerosol can disposal

Most aerosol cans, if they still contain some substance, are treated as hazardous waste. Our Wimborne Recycling Centre is fully licensed to accept hazardous waste streams including partially full aerosol cans.

As mentioned above, you’ll need to book disposal for any hazardous wastes in advance. Give our team of hazardous waste experts a call on 01202 331560 to discuss your aerosol disposal requirements.

Commercial WEEE waste disposal (waste electrical and electronic equipment)

Examples of WEEE waste we can accept include (but are not limited to) computers, white goods, TV’s and car batteries. Whatever type of WEEE items you have, they must be disposed of in an appropriate manner by abiding to the regulations emphasized in the WEEE Directive. Anyone using alternative disposal methods are liable to prosecution and will be fined.

Our Commercial Recycling sites are licensed to accept waste electrical equipment from both individuals and businesses. If it is easier, we can also arrange WEEE waste collections. Take a look at our convenient man and van waste collection service to learn more.

Asbestos disposal Bournemouth

We all know that asbestos is dangerous, but did you know that asbestos waste containing more than just 0.1% asbestos is classified as hazardous so must therefore be disposed of in a safe, compliant way?

Our Canford Recycling Centre is fully licenced to accept and properly dispose of asbestos waste. If you’d like some guidance on asbestos waste disposal, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 331560. We can also supply you with the appropriate PPE and containers required for safe asbestos removal.

Commercial Recycling can also help with all the legalities and compliance that comes with handling hazardous waste from registering your premises with the Environment Agency to completing the relevant paperwork to ensure your waste is handled in the correct way.

These are just some examples of the other types of waste we manage, but please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to enquire about other waste types.

How do I arrange a waste disposal delivery or collection?

All of the waste types mentioned above, and more, can be disposed of either by tipping them at one of our sites or by arranging a collection service. Our collection service can be on a ‘one-off’ basis or as part of a scheduled waste management service.

Trusted and used by hundreds of businesses from both the private and public sector, our Commercial Recycling staff are trained, insured and certified to collect and handle a wide range of different waste types.

To arrange to dispose of your waste at one of our tipping sites or to book a collection service, please contact our friendly team on 01202 331560 or or email us on

“Excellent service and very efficient operations and waste management”


The Fire Service were in attendance on Christmas Day as a precautionary measure.

The Fire Service attended Canford Recycling Centre on Christmas morning and revisited the site again in the evening. The visits were a precautionary measure in response to a request from our on-site security team. On both occasions, members of our management team were also in attendance and no fire was detected.

As previously published, Canford Recycling Centre will reopen to provide waste disposal and recycling services to trade businesses on Tuesday 29th December at 8 am.

If you require any further information, please contact our team on 01202 331560 or

The Truth About Christmas & New Year Waste

While we may all be more aware of the effect that our waste has on the environment, it doesn’t stop thousands of tonnes of waste being produced (and often improperly disposed of) over the festive season.

So whilst it probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that the Christmas and New Year period produces more waste than any other time of year, it might amaze you to learn just how much!

How much waste is produced at Christmas?

According to High Speed Training, an extra 30% of waste is produced at Christmas in Britain, compared to the rest of the year. That may not sound too bad, but it adds up to a whopping 3 million tonnes of waste – plenty of which ends up in landfill!

To put this in perspective, a single tonne that ends up in landfill costs taxpayers £94.00. If even half of the extra waste produced at Christmas in 2020 ended up in landfill, that’s £141mil!

What’s worse; a study found that 60% of Brits don’t feel bad about the extra waste that they produce over Christmas. With only 10% of Brits encouraging their families to be a bit more environmentally-conscious during this time. With this in mind, it appears we still have a long way to go before this situation is improved.

Plastic waste at Christmas

Plastic is one of the most problematic types of Christmas waste produced, due to the fact that not all plastic is easily recycled.

The main cause of plastic waste at Christmas is packaging. This includes the packaging of toys, bubble wrap used to ensure the safe delivery of gifts, food packaging and many more examples.

In fact, it’s estimated that each British household throws away 3.5 black bags worth of packaging from toys and gifts over Christmas!

Other reasons excess plastic waste is created as a result of Christmas include:

  • 14% of people with fake Christmas trees bin them at the end of the year.
  • Around 40 million rolls of sellotape are used each Christmas.
  • 3000 tonnes of plastic waste is from turkey packaging alone!

Whilst Christmas is a great excuse to spoil our friends and family with gifts, and to overindulge in food and drink, why not put a little extra thought to the plastic waste that you’re producing in 2021?

If you’ve found yourself with large volumes of plastic waste that you’d like to recycle, we offer low-cost mixed plastic disposal at our local recycling centres.

Card and paper waste at Christmas

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise – as a nation we produce an astounding amount of card and paper waste over the festive season.

In total, we bin approximately 108 million rolls of wrapping paper (that’s 227,000 miles worth!), and 1 billion Christmas cards. Don’t forget about all of the cardboard boxes that Christmas food and gifts come in too!

The good news is that 98% of paper and cardboard waste is recyclable. As a recycling centre with purpose-built facilities and specialist processes, we are able to provide very low cost disposals for paper and card. To learn more and see our current rates, please visit our ‘Tipping Prices’ page. To help out, we’re currently running a special offer on cardboard recycling.

Top tip for 2021 – Wrapping paper and cards that have glitter on them are not accepted by most recyclers. In fact, many UK councils will now deem a whole bin’s worth of waste ‘contaminated’ if it contains glitter! Next year, why not skip the glitter to avoid this.

Other commonly produced Christmas waste types


It’s not all just paper and plastic – each Christmas we also throw away approximately 500 tonnes of fairy lights. Also, new toys, decorations and lights all demand batteries, 189 million in fact!

WEEE waste can’t always be disposed of with normal waste, but can be recycled at specialist facilities such as Canford Recycling Centre. Learn more about WEEE recycling.


There’s not many households and businesses that don’t put up a Christmas tree come 1st December, with 8 million of us opting for real ones over plastic. That’s a lot of trees that then get binned once the festivities are over!

Many councils offer specific Christmas tree collections, or there’s the option to get a green household bin and chop the tree up to fit inside. If these options don’t work for you, or perhaps you have multiple trees at your place of work, you can bring your tree(s) to us at Commercial Recycling for low cost green waste disposal.

Let us help with your Christmas & New Year waste

If you run a business that could use a little extra help disposing of its Christmas or New Year waste, we operate fully licenced recycling centres in Dorset and Somerset that are here to help.

You can contact us for help with tipping a wide variety of waste types, or to arrange a waste collection directly from your premises. We’d also be happy to help you plan your waste management for 2021.

Weighbridge Operator

We are delighted to be recruiting for the full-time role of Weighbridge Operator. The successful candidate will be based at our Canford Recycling Centre, Arena Way, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 3BW.

Principle job responsibilities

To operate the commercial weighbridge to control the movement of vehicles entering and leaving site and ensure all materials are deposited accurately in accordance with company and licensing requirements. This is a customer facing role requiring good customer skills and best suited to someone with an outgoing personality.

Job particulars

  • Hours: Monday to Friday 7.00 – 5.30pm, Alternate Saturdays 7.00 – 12.00noon. Average 52.5 hours per week
  • Pay Rate: £9.00 per hour
  • Reporting to: Operations Manager

Key responsibilities 

  • To ensue efficient daily processing of information and data onto the company’s respective software systems.
  • To provide sufficient support, including information about licensing requirements to customers, regulators and colleagues.
  • Regular cleaning of the weighbridge and the office.
  • Checking of all loads to ensure compliance with site licence against EWC Codes.
  • Possible requirement to either hold, or be working towards, a First Aid qualification.
  • Ensure that the policies of the company are adhered to at all times.

Skills, knowledge and experience

  • Ideally, prior knowledge and experience of the recycling industry but not essential as full training can be provided.
  • Experience in operating weighbridge systems.
  • Knowledge of site licensing requirements/EWC Codes.
  • This is a customer facing role requiring good customer skills best suited to someone with an outgoing personality.
  • Enthusiastic and committed person capable of working with others. A good team player.
  • Capable of operating the company’s IT systems including MS Office (word processing), MS Outlook (Emails), Excel and InfoTech BridgeMont Plus weighbridge system.
  • Assertiveness and ability to stand by a decision when a load does not meet requirements.

How to apply

If you would like further information, or would like to apply, please email

Christmas Opening Hours 2020

During the 2020 festive period, our recycling centres will be open for business with adjusted operating hours. To allow for you and your business to easily prepare for Christmas, we have pulled together a breakdown of the hours of service on specific dates for each of our sites.

Please find our festive opening hours here. 

We hope this advanced notice will allow for less inconvenience and if you would like further clarification or information, please contact us on 01202 331560.

Guide to Disposing of ‘Difficult’ Wastes

The term “difficult waste” is frequently used when describing various types of wastes that can be problematic to dispose of. Although not necessarily categorised as hazardous waste, they are often unable to be placed in general / mixed waste streams.

As operators of large waste disposal facilities which are licensed to accept an array of wastes including hazardous and WEEE, we are experienced in dealing with tricky items. In this article we identify some of the most common difficult waste types and explain how we can help to dispose of them.

Fridge and freezer disposal

By nature of their size and the fact they are classed as a hazardous waste, getting rid of a redundant fridge or freezer can leave people wondering what the best way to dispose of them is.

As we are licenced for the disposal of most hazardous wastes, Commercial Recycling can provide convenient fridge/freezer disposal. Simply bring your fridge freezer to our local recycling centre for tipping. If it’s easier, we can arrange the collection of the item(s), just give us a call on 01202 331560 to book this in.

Learn more about fridge / freezer disposals.

Carpet recycling

In certain trades, it’s common to be left with a lot of leftover carpet waste for disposal. Our automated weighbridges make carpet disposal a piece of cake – simple drive onto them, and one of our friendly weighbridge operators will take payment, allowing you to recycle old carpet and be on your way in no time.

Alternatively, if you’re getting a new carpet fitted in your own home, you’ll normally need to arrange disposal of the old one. Carpets are always heavier and more awkward to move than people think!

As a large carpet roll will not safely fit in a car or small van (without being cut up) it can be difficult to take to our disposal site or the local tip. If transporting the waste is an issue you can use our ‘man & van waste collection service’ for carpet recycling. This service has the added advantage of the waste being loaded on to the van by our own operatives.

Learn more about carpet recycling.

Tyre recycling

Did you know that it has been illegal to dispose of tyres at a landfill site since 2006? Luckily, we are licenced to accept tyres from you. Tyres that are disposed of at our centres are bulk stored and then transported to specialist recyclers for tyre recycling.

Commercial Recycling offers tyre disposal and recycling for businesses, tradespeople and individuals in the Dorset and Somerset area. This can be done as a drop off to one of our local recycling centres or we can arrange for our convenient collection service.

If you are a garage or commercial operation we can price per tonne and provide you with a regular collection schedule and even a credit account.

Learn more about tyre recycling.

Commercial WEEE waste (waste electrical and electronic equipment)

WEEE compliance is essential to ensure that all forms of electrical waste are disposed in the correct, safe manner. Those that do not comply are liable to prosecution and may face a fine.

Commercial Recycling operate local tips in Dorset and Somerset that are licensed to accept waste electrical equipment from both individuals and businesses. Examples of WEEE waste that we can accept for disposal include TVs, computers, white goods, car batteries and fluorescent tubes – essentially anything with a battery or plug.

For more information about WEEE waste disposal, please feel free to contact our experts on 01202 331560.

Disposing of wood

Wood waste is actually categorized into grades. For example pallets and packaging crates are classed as ‘high grade, A’ whereas MDF, fencing panels and decking are in the ‘low grade, C’ group.

Some woods are even classed as hazardous. This is usually the case when the wood has been treated with preserving chemicals, such as with railway sleepers, telegraph poles or wood treated with creosote. You can dispose of hazardous wood waste at our Canford Recycling Centre. Learn more about hazardous wood waste.

Commercial Recycling is licensed to accept all groups of wood waste types, and so bringing your wood to us for tipping can be a convenient solution for many businesses.

Learn more about wood waste disposal.

How to arrange disposal of your difficult waste

In a nutshell we can help dispose of almost any of your waste types, however ‘difficult’ they are. Whether you’d prefer to bring your waste to us or have us collect it from you, we can accommodate your disposal requirements.

To learn more about the waste services Commercial Recycling offer, to book your disposal or to find out if we can dispose of a particular type of waste, please contact our team on 01202 331560 or

Difficult waste collection service

As mentioned, we also arrange collections of most difficult wastes. The most common collection method we use is our man and van service. This is the easiest way for us to collect up to 1 tonne of waste in a single trip. Plus, our operatives will load the van for you meaning you won’t have to lift a finger.

If you need a waste collection on a larger scale, we can arrange for a grab lorry collection. Simply call us on 01202 331560 to discuss your options.


Used PPE Disposal Update

In recent months, Dorset’s lockdown restrictions have eased meaning that many businesses have now welcomed their employees back into the work space. As a result, it’s not surprising that the usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), face coverings and cleaning materials in the workplace has increased significantly.

But did you know that once PPE has been used, it is considered hazardous?

Ensuring employee, visitor and customer safety whilst following government guidance is a key responsibility for business owners and managers. When it comes to PPE, this means that it is vital to provide compliant supply AND disposal.

As this process may be new to many businesses, we have written this article to explain the correct process of PPE disposal and how Commercial Recycling can help with your hazardous waste disposal.

What are a business’ responsibilities when it comes to PPE?

The governmental agency Health and Safety Executive states that PPE must be provided to any worker who may be at risk in the workplace.

In the current pandemic, this means that anyone who is unable to maintain social distancing while working should be equipped with the appropriate PPE.

The responsibilities of the employer do not end there; correct PPE disposal is also their responsibility and the hazardous waste disposal must be done at a licenced facility, such as Commercial Recycling.

Can’t transport your waste yourself? We can provide man and van waste collections.

Tips for compliant PPE use

Of course, simply providing and disposing of PPE as you would any other waste is not enough. You must make sure that you are complying with government regulations in doing so. Following these tips will help to ensure that you are up to standard in your use of PPE.

Provide separate bins in the workplace

As stated before, PPE can not be thrown away with your normal commercial waste. Face coverings and other types of PPE can not be recycled in conventional ways, therefore they can not be put in any recycling or general waste bins.

If you are looking for a secure, compliant bin for your PPE, our hazardous waste boxes are the ideal solution. Just give us a call on 01202 331560 to order your hazardous waste box.

Ensure that PPE is worn only once

‘When should PPE be disposed of’ is a common question. The answer is simple; if the PPE you are supplying is the type that can only be worn once, then it should be disposed of after its first usage. After this first wear it becomes hazardous waste and you should follow the hazardous waste disposal regulations. As an employer, you must make sure that your staff know this information and reinforce this rule.

Empty bins regularly

Although this might seem obvious, the bins need to be regularly emptied so that staff always have a place to correctly dispose of their used PPE. If bins are close to or full, users may be more inclined to retain the PPE so that it can be disposed of at a later date, or even reused.

Empty, easy to use bins are likely to encourage your staff members to comply with PPE disposal rules.

Work with a waste disposal partner, such as Commercial Recycling

Your hazardous waste disposal must take place at a facility that is licenced to receive and process hazardous waste. Canford Recycling Centre and Southwood Recycling Centre are able to handle a wide variety of waste, including your PPE disposal, at a competitive rate.

If you would like to know more, our team would be happy to answer your questions, just call us at 01202 331560.

You can learn more in our recent article on the implications of Covid-19 on waste disposal.

How we can help

Commercial Recycling can help your business in many ways, but especially with your hazardous waste disposal.

We can supply your business with one of our hazardous waste boxes. These are the ideal place to dispose of used PPE, and will allow for redundant PPE to be separated from your general waste. They can also be used for a variety of other hazardous waste types. See the full list of hazardous wastes we accept.

We have two disposal sites that are fully licenced to accept PPE disposals and hazardous waste; Canford Recycling Centre and Southwood Recycling Centre in Somerset

If you are unable to drop off your hazardous waste, you can request a collection. We can either do this as a one off, or we can set up a scheduled collection.

For whichever option you choose, it can only be done if you pre-book a disposal slot, so simply contact us online or phone ahead on 01202 331560 to make an appointment.


The hazardous waste you might not know is in your workplace or home

Thanks to the surge in blockbuster films and television series documenting chemical disasters, when we think of hazardous waste we tend to imagine biohazard suits, skulls and crossbones and overturned drums of glowing, luminous liquid.

But the reality is that hazardous waste comes in many shapes and forms, and there are often times when hazardous waste is in our business, offices and homes. When it comes to hazardous waste disposal, it needs to be handled with care and disposed of in line with legislation so that it doesn’t cause any harm or damage.

In this article, we list 5 types of commonly found hazardous waste to look out for, and inform you of how Commercial Recycling can help with compliant disposal.

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As of the 28th June 2020, the Department of Health and Social Care distributed over 145 million PPE items for use by health and social care services in England. This number does not include individual households and business sectors.

If you run a business or organisation you should:

  • Provide extra bins for your staff and customers to throw away their waste face coverings, PPE used for social distancing, and any other additional waste, such as takeaway packaging and disposable tableware
  • Make sure that staff and customers do not put face coverings and PPE in a recycling bin as they cannot be recycled through conventional recycling facilities
  • Make sure bins are emptied often so they do not overflow and create litter

Additionally, you must describe and code your waste correctly. For peace of mind, we recommend the use of a Hazardous Waste Disposal Box for companies who need to dispose of small amounts of this waste type regularly. The Haz Waste Boxes can either be collected from our local recycling centre in Wimborne, or we can deliver the box to you for free in the BH postcode area.

2. Printer/Toner Cartridges

Although many offices are now becoming paperless, it’s still commonplace for the majority of businesses and home offices to use at least one printer. But what do you do with the cartridges once they’re empty? Did you know that most used printer and toner cartridges are classed as hazardous waste?

It is your responsibility to arrange for your redundant printer and toner cartridges to be recycled or disposed of in line with current legislation. This means most cartridges cannot be placed in your general waste containers.

Commercial Recycling is a fully licenced waste facility that is authorised to accept almost all commonly produced hazardous wastes, including printer and toner cartridges. Simply get in touch to book a disposal or to arrange a haz box service.

3. Batteries

Some councils collect common household batteries as part of their household waste collection service, but did you know that some battery types are hazardous and therefore require specialist disposal? The types of batteries that are considered hazardous include:

  • Lead acid batteries
  • Non-alkaline batteries
  • Plug-in battery packs (such as chargers for laptops, mobiles power tools etc.)
  • Vehicle batteries

To check what batteries you can recycle in your area, you can use the handy Recycle Now tool. For all other batteries, our recycling centres can help you. Read more about battery disposal.

4. Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes were once a popular lighting source thanks to their efficiency and easy installation, and are therefore still found in many business premises today. However, fluorescent lighting contains mercury, a highly toxic metal that if incorrectly disposed of, can evaporate into the atmosphere which allows it to contaminate water supplies and wildlife.

The important thing to avoid is disposing the tubes in your general business waste. If the mercury inside the tubes goes to landfill for example, it will get incinerated and this is where mercury poisoning can occur.

To safely dispose of the fluorescent tubes or lamps, you will need to locate a specialised recycling service such as Commercial Recycling. Our Canford Recycling Centre, near Wimborne in Dorset, is a fully compliant Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility.

Alternatively, our Southwood Recycling Centre is also licenced to accept hazardous waste types as fluorescent tubes, batteries, gas bottles and fridges / freezers.

Can’t get to us? No problem, we can arrange a hazardous waste collection service. To enquire about hazardous waste collection, please contact the team on 01202 331560.

5. Paint

Have you been using the lockdown to do some much needed painting and decorating at your business premises? What will you do with the empty or half-empty paint tins once you’re finished? Did you know that oil-based paints such as emulsion and anti-corrosion paint such as Hammerite are hazardous because they contain heavy metals and are flammable? Water-based paints such as varnishes, stains and sealers are also hazardous.

Because of this, you must ensure that paint is disposed of in a compliant manner by segregating it from general waste and disposing it at a licensed facility such as Canford Recycling Centre. We charge a price-per-can for paint can disposal. If you need to dispose of larger quantities of paint we can provide disposal rates for filled 205L drums and 1000L IBC containers.

Read our guidance on paint disposal for more information.

Hazardous waste removal in Dorset and Somerset

Commercial Recycling is a leading operator of disposal and recycling facilities in Dorset. Our trusted waste recycling centres have been in operation for more than 25 years and we are extremely proud to provide waste disposal facilities that are trusted and used by hundreds of businesses from both the private and public sector. Businesses choose Commercial Recycling because we are competitively priced and ensure that a high percentage of all waste is recovered and recycled.

We can help with all the legalities and compliance that comes with handling hazardous waste, so whether you need to register your premises with the Environment Agency or need help to complete relevant paperwork to ensure your waste is handled in the correct way, our team of experts are here to help.

If you would like to learn more about hazardous waste disposal in Dorset or Somerset, book a hazardous waste disposal slot or arrange a hazardous waste collection, please call the Commercial Recycling team on 01202 331560 or email

If you are wondering what the lockdown easing means for your commercial waste disposal, read our article here >>.

For all the latest news and updates concerning hazardous waste removal in Dorset, follow us on Facebook.



What does lockdown easing mean for your commercial waste disposal?

The past few months have seen unprecedented changes for every industry. With this, many business operators are having to quickly adapt to a ‘new normal’ in order to continue to trade.

Initially, for the majority of businesses the most significant challenges centred upon how to retain customers and maintain sales revenues whilst also adhering to the government guidance, which included social distancing and home working where possible.

However, with lockdown now being eased, and many offices welcoming employees back (with the appropriate measures in place), have you thought about how your commercial waste disposal methods will need to adapt too?

We understand this is likely to be one of the last things on the long list of new concerns for business operators. However, waste management does need to be carefully considered because it is your responsibility to ensure your business’ waste continues to be disposed of safely and in line with the appropriate legislation.

To help, below we have covered some of the biggest adaptations that your business will likely have to make post-lockdown.

PPE and hazardous waste

Ensuring the welfare of employees is paramount, and for many businesses this may mean supplying a range of PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves and masks. But did you know that once used, these items will be classed as hazardous waste?

As such, they will need to be disposed of in the correct manner. PPE is commonly only used once before being discarded, meaning that you could now find yourself with a larger amount of hazardous waste.

Disposal options

To help you manage this, we offer a convenient, affordable Hazardous Waste Box service. For just £70.00+VAT, we can deliver you an empty, fully secure and compliant hazardous waste box. Simply have your team members place their used PPE in the box at the end of the day, and when full, call us to collect it. We will then dispose of your hazardous waste at our fully licenced disposal facility and provide you with a waste consignment note.

Although our hazardous waste boxes are small enough to comfortably fit in your workplace without taking up to much room (measuring 53cm x 30cm x 36cm), they have a capacity of 60L which should allow you to collect a good amount of PPE before needing to arrange a collection.

If you’d prefer, you can drop your hazardous waste to our disposal facility at Canford Recycling Centre. Please note, we ask that you pre-book your hazardous waste disposal slot to ensure that we can deal with your waste efficiently and correctly. To arrange this, or to discuss your specific needs please call our team on 01202 331560.

Emergency or ‘one off’ waste collections

Depending on the internal changes that are required within your business, you may find yourself with a large volume of excess waste that you need to be gone – in a safe and efficient manner. Some of these circumstances may include:

Reopening your doors for the first time in months and the setup process has left you with excess waste

  • Deciding to upgrade old furniture
  • Returning to your premises to find a fly tip
  • Removing desks to adhere to social distancing protocol
  • Using the lockdown to renovate your business premises and have mountains of construction waste, plasterboard or wood waste.

However you’ve accumulated it, you’ll need a way to remove and dispose of this waste, especially before you reopen your doors again.

Disposal options

Man and van service – can clear up to 1 tonne of waste in a single trip. Leave it to our licenced operatives to load the van with your waste for you and then transport it to our local recycling facility for disposal. We can also remove difficult, bulky wastes such as fridges/freezers, mattresses and tyres.

Drop off at our recycling centres – our recycling facilities in Dorset and Somerset are both open for business and fully operational. We have automated weighbridges for quick turnaround times, helpful staff and hard surfaces throughout, so please feel free to bring your waste to us for recycling.

Collection via our partners at Avon Material Supplies – If you have more than 1 tonne of waste for disposal, we can arrange a grab lorry collection via our partners at Avon Material Supplies. Simply call us on 01202 331560 to talk through the options.

A brand new commercial waste management strategy

If COVID-19 has provided you the time required to review some of the strategies and processes your business has in place, we would advise you review your existing waste management solution.

We make this recommendation because an efficient, up to date waste disposal process can often provide some or all of the following benefits:

Cost saving
By shopping around for a new commercial waste disposal site you could save yourself a few (or a lot) of pounds each month. At our tipping sites in Dorset and Somerset, we try to ensure that our rates are competitive as possible. View our price list.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have your waste collected, make sure you are using the most efficient disposal method to suit your needs. Why pay for a weekly or monthly collection just because it’s what you’ve always done, when a hazardous waste box that’s only picked up when it’s full could be more than suitable for your requirements?

Higher recycling levels
By working with a local recycling centre you can help the environment too. We recycle approximately 80% of the waste we receive.

Improved waste storage
How are you currently storing your waste? You may not be using the best solution for your workplace. We offer waste boxes, IBCs, compactor containers and more.

Being fully compliant
Possibly the biggest waste management mistake that a business can make is to be caught disposing of waste illegally. It may not seem like a big deal to hide hazardous items in with your standard waste, to fly tip, or to hire someone that hasn’t provided proof that they are licenced to dispose of the waste correctly, but each of these can come with a hefty fine.

Utilising the services of a fully licenced waste disposal company, such as us at Commercial Recycling, ensures that you are fulfilling your responsibility to have your waste disposed of correctly.

If you’d like more information on this, we’d be happy to advise you. Please call 01202 331560 or email

Talk to Commercial Recycling

With commercial waste disposal sites in Dorset and Somerset, we offer some of the most comprehensive waste management solutions locally. We are fully licenced to collect and dispose of almost all commercially produced waste types, including hazardous wastes. We’ve also remained fully operational throughout the current pandemic, meaning we’re always here to help if you need us.

To discuss your business’ unique waste disposal requirements, please feel free to call our experts on 01202 331560 or email They can offer helpful advice, provide a quote and arrange any required disposals for you.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page for our latest updates.

Hazardous Waste Pickup Service

As an operator of a local business that produces waste, it is your responsibility to correctly and safely dispose of all types of waste including hazardous items. Therefore, regardless of whether you are producing hazardous waste as part of your regular business operation, or you just require a one-off hazardous waste pickup service, it is essential you use a correctly licensed provider/service.

At Commercial Recycling we can provide a complete service that includes the collection, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste.

To learn more about our hazardous waste pickup services, select the option below that suits you best:

If you need help and haven’t the time to read this article, please call our Hazardous Waste specialists on 01202 331560.

Hazardous wastes we collect

Below is a list of the common types of hazardous waste that we are licenced to collect and transport to a licensed disposal facility . You may be surprised to see some items that you may currently be including with your normal waste.

This is a common mistake, and we’d be happy to talk through any of these items with you. To speak to a hazardous waste expert please call 01202 331560 or email

Benefits of our hazardous waste pickup service

Expert advice and site surveys

At our Canford Recycling Centre we house a team of hazardous waste specialists who will always be happy to offer you advice and guidance over the phone or via email. Alternatively, we can visit your business to conduct a site survey or hazardous waste audit if this is appropriate.. To discuss your individual needs, please call the team on 01202 331560 or email for expert advice that you can trust.

Flexible and competitive pricing

We understand that hazardous waste items are often more expensive to dispose of and that each business’ waste production levels will be different, which is why we make our prices affordable, and offer rates per item/unit and per tonne. View our full price list.

Fully licenced

Whatever company you use to dispose of your hazardous waste, it is still your responsibility to ensure they are correctly licenced for the task and dispose of your waste at an authorised facility.

At Commercial Recycling, we are fully licenced for hazardous waste collections and disposal and are able to provide copies of all appropriate licences on request. In addition, as part of our service, you will be given a consignment note to prove that your waste has been disposed of compliantly.

Range of collection solutions

Read on to discover our range of hazardous waste pickup options, which are suitable for regular or one off hazardous waste clearances.

Hazardous waste boxes

Our hazardous waste boxes are the ideal pickup solution for businesses that occasionally produce small amounts of hazardous waste such as:

  • Oily rags from garages
  • Paint from contractors and decorators
  • Printer / toner cartridges from offices

For just £70.00+VAT we can deliver a specialist empty container with a capacity of 60L for you to fill. Once you let us know it’s full we will collect the sealed container and dispose of it at Canford Recycling Centre.

Learn more or order a hazardous waste box


IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) are ideal for businesses that are regularly producing larger volumes of hazardous waste, which need to be safely and securely stored onsite prior to collection.

This gives the user the benefit of adding to the IBC as needed over a longer period of time. Additionally, due to their storage capacity (up to 1250L), IBCs can be a very cost effective solution.

Learn more or arrange a quote for IBCs.

Man and van pickups

Our friendly, reliable man and van service is also fully licenced to carryout hazardous waste collections in and around Dorset. With the ability to transport up to 1 tonne of waste in a single trip, our man and van operatives will arrive on site and as long as the hazardous waste is safe for transport, will load the van with your waste for you. We will then transport it to our local recycling centre for compliant disposal.

Learn more or book a man and van waste collection.

Grab lorry pickups

Grab lorries are ideal for collecting large volumes of ‘one off’ hazardous waste, such as asbestos roof tiles that may be discovered during a renovation project or have been dumped by a fly tipper.

Our partners at Avon Material Supplies have a modern fleet of grab lorries with varying reaches and carrying capacities, which allows for waste piles to be cleared quickly even in areas or sites with limited access.

If you would like to receive a quote for a grab lorry hazardous waste pickup, please contact us on 01202 331560.

Hazardous waste drop offs

If you do not require a hazardous waste pickup service, you are welcome to bring your waste directly to us at Canford Recycling Centre. However, we would strongly advise your waste is correctly contained and you have taken all the required steps to ensure you can legally and safely transport the waste yourself.

Also, we do ask that you pre-book your hazardous disposal service with our onsite team to ensure that the correct measures and paperwork are in place when you arrive.

To arrange a hazardous waste disposal, please contact our team on 01202 331560. They can also advise you on any other specific requirements for your disposal, such as ensuring that any asbestos is double wrapped.