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The 2021 Guide To Our Wimborne Recycling Centre

Our Wimborne Recycling Centre is an ideal alternative to a Bournemouth tip due its convenient location on Magna Road that is easily accessible from Bournemouth and Poole.

We greet customers from all over Dorset due to the numerous advantages that our purpose-built disposal facilities offer over other local disposal companies.

Below is some more information about our centre, the latest improvements we have been making, as well as the benefits that you can expect on a visit…

Latest news and offers from Wimborne Recycling Centre

Concreting works on the yard
Mid January 2021, we started undertaking a new project to concrete more of our yard to improve the facilities for our customers. To keep an eye on the progress, check out our Facebook page.

Cardboard recycling offer
We are currently running a discount on tipping cardboard waste with us. The special price is just £50.00 per tonne of cardboard (with a minimum charge of ¼ tonne at £15.00 incl VAT).
View our cardboard tipping offer >>.

Large volume discounts
For businesses who regularly tip large volumes of waste, we may be able to offer discounted disposal rates. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements.
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COVID-19 precautions
While Commercial Recycling remains fully operational, we have put extra precautions in place for the safety of our customers and staff. These include contactless payment, screens at the weighbridges, and hand sanitizer stations throughout the site.

What are the benefits of using our Bournemouth tip alternative?

Many businesses are choosing Commercial Recycling’s Wimborne Recycling Centre as their preferred tipping facility due to the range of benefits it offers, such as:

  • Great location and easy access
  • Suitable for all vehicle types including, cars, vans, lorries etc.
  • Large turning spaces and hard standing surface throughout the site
  • Licensed to accept multiple waste types including hazardous waste disposals
  • Low minimum weight tipping charges
  • Automated weighbridges
  • Friendly, helpful staff on-hand
  • On site sale and collection of primary and recycled Dorset aggregates (bagged and loose)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Contactless payment and other measures for COVID-19 safe operation
  • Credit accounts available

Where to find our Wimborne tip?

Our Wimborne tip is in a great location just a short drive from Bournemouth, Poole and Wimborne town centres. It is located off of Magna Road, near Bearcross, and offers easy access for all types of vehicles.

Find the full address and a map on our Wimborne tip page.

What waste types do we accept?

At our Wimborne tip, we are licenced to accept numerous waste types for disposal including the following:

These are just some examples of the types of waste we manage, but please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to enquire about other waste types.

How do I arrange to tip my waste?

Our Wimborne site is suitably equipped for all customers and vehicles to deliver their waste directly to us. The long opening hours of Mon – Fri 7am-5:30pm and Saturday mornings 7am-12pm contribute to ensuring the site is accessible to all.

If you’re able to transport your waste to us for disposal, you can simply drive straight onto one of our automated weighbridges. There is no need to pre-book to tip with us unless you wish to dispose of hazardous waste. This must be pre-booked by contacting us.

Alternatively we can arrange a waste collection service as ‘one off’ or regular collection options by calling our team on 01202 331560.

Contact our team

You can contact our team for help with tipping a wide variety of waste types, or to arrange a waste collection directly from your premises. We’d also be happy to help you plan your waste management for 2021.

Waste Types You May Not Know We Can Accept

Whether you’re currently using Commercial Recycling for waste disposal already, or you’re completely new to our recycling centres, chances are we can help you to dispose of a lot more waste types that you might think!

Commercial Recycling are experts in providing its clients with a complete range of waste disposal solutions, including zero waste to landfill services, WEEE disposal and hazardous waste processing.

The most common waste streams disposed of at our waste management facilities in Dorset and Somerset are:

Although the aforementioned forms of waste do make up the majority of wastes we receive, there are plenty of other types of waste we can help with. Read on to learn more about some of the less common wastes we process, which we are often asked whether we are able to accept.

Disposal of gas bottles

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the substance held inside, the disposal of gas bottles must be carried out by a qualified party. At Commercial Recycling, we have the appropriate infrastructure, licenses and certified staff to be able to accept waste gas bottles and cylinders for recycling. Gas containers we frequently receive include fire extinguishers, BBQ gas bottles, camping gas bottles and patio heater cylinders.

As gas bottles are considered hazardous, please call us on 01202 331560 in order to pre-arrange a disposal time slot. This will ensure that we will have all of the required documents ready for you, making your disposal as convenient as possible.

Paint can disposal

Did you know that paint is also classed as a hazardous waste? Therefore, to ensure the waste paint is disposed of in a compliant manner and the appropriate paperwork can be provided to the business, contractor or tradesperson, it must be segregated and processed at a licensed facility such as our Canford Recycling Centre.

Whether you’re using paint regularly as a contractor, decorator, or simply have a can or two that require disposing of, we can help. To keep things simple, our paint disposal rates are charged per tin. For larger quantities we may be able to provide a bulk disposal rate. To enquire, please call 01202 331560 opt. 3.

Aerosol can and solvent disposal

Most aerosol cans, if they still contain some substance, are treated as hazardous waste. Our Wimborne Recycling Centre is fully licensed to accept hazardous waste streams including partially full aerosol cans.

Similarly, solvents and resins are also considered hazardous, and can be found in many commonly used items such as cleaning products, varnish, adhesives and ink.

As mentioned above, you’ll need to book disposal for any hazardous wastes in advance. Give our team of hazardous waste experts a call on 01202 331560 to discuss your aerosol disposal requirements.

Commercial WEEE waste disposal (waste electrical and electronic equipment)

Examples of WEEE waste we can accept include (but are not limited to) computers, white goods, TVs, monitors, printers and car batteries. Whatever type of WEEE items you have, they must be disposed of in an appropriate manner by abiding to the regulations emphasized in the WEEE Directive. Anyone using alternative disposal methods are liable to prosecution and will be fined.

Our Commercial Recycling sites are licensed to accept waste electrical equipment from both individuals and businesses. Also, we can collect WEEE items through our man and van waste collection service.

Tyre disposal

We accept tyres on or off the rim, and charge a competitive ‘per tyre’ or ‘per tonne’ disposal rate. This is particularly popular with local garages who may have bulk loads of car, van or motorcycle tyres to dispose of.

Simply bring your scrap tyres to our recycling centre (there’s no need to pre-book), or we can arrange a tyre collection.

Asbestos disposal Bournemouth

We all know that asbestos is dangerous, but did you know that asbestos waste containing more than just 0.1% asbestos is classified as hazardous so must therefore be disposed of in a safe, compliant way?

Our Canford Recycling Centre is fully licenced to accept and properly dispose of asbestos waste. If you’d like some guidance on asbestos waste disposal, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 331560. We can also supply you with the appropriate PPE and containers required for safe asbestos removal.

Commercial Recycling can also help with all the legalities and compliance that comes with handling hazardous waste from registering your premises with the Environment Agency to completing the relevant paperwork to ensure your waste is handled in the correct way.

These are just some examples of the other types of waste we manage, but please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to enquire about other waste types.

How do I arrange a waste disposal delivery or collection?

All of the waste types mentioned above, and more, can be disposed of either by tipping them at one of our sites or by arranging a collection service. Our collection service can be on a ‘one-off’ basis or as part of a scheduled waste management service.

Trusted and used by hundreds of businesses from both the private and public sector, our Commercial Recycling staff are trained, insured and certified to collect and handle a wide range of different waste types.

To arrange to dispose of your waste at one of our tipping sites or to book a collection service, please contact our friendly team on 01202 331560 or or email us on


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