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Hazardous Waste Pickup Service

As an operator of a local business that produces waste, it is your responsibility to correctly and safely dispose of all types of waste including hazardous items. Therefore, regardless of whether you are producing hazardous waste as part of your regular business operation, or you just require a one-off hazardous waste pickup service, it is essential you use a correctly licensed provider/service.

At Commercial Recycling we can provide a complete service that includes the collection, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste.

To learn more about our hazardous waste pickup services, select the option below that suits you best:

If you need help and haven’t the time to read this article, please call our Hazardous Waste specialists on 01202 331560.

Hazardous wastes we collect

Below is a list of the common types of hazardous waste that we are licenced to collect and transport to a licensed disposal facility . You may be surprised to see some items that you may currently be including with your normal waste.

This is a common mistake, and we’d be happy to talk through any of these items with you. To speak to a hazardous waste expert please call 01202 331560 or email

Benefits of our hazardous waste pickup service

Expert advice and site surveys

At our Canford Recycling Centre we house a team of hazardous waste specialists who will always be happy to offer you advice and guidance over the phone or via email. Alternatively, we can visit your business to conduct a site survey or hazardous waste audit if this is appropriate.. To discuss your individual needs, please call the team on 01202 331560 or email for expert advice that you can trust.

Flexible and competitive pricing

We understand that hazardous waste items are often more expensive to dispose of and that each business’ waste production levels will be different, which is why we make our prices affordable, and offer rates per item/unit and per tonne. View our full price list.

Fully licenced

Whatever company you use to dispose of your hazardous waste, it is still your responsibility to ensure they are correctly licenced for the task and dispose of your waste at an authorised facility.

At Commercial Recycling, we are fully licenced for hazardous waste collections and disposal and are able to provide copies of all appropriate licences on request. In addition, as part of our service, you will be given a consignment note to prove that your waste has been disposed of compliantly.

Range of collection solutions

Read on to discover our range of hazardous waste pickup options, which are suitable for regular or one off hazardous waste clearances.

Hazardous waste boxes

Our hazardous waste boxes are the ideal pickup solution for businesses that occasionally produce small amounts of hazardous waste such as:

  • Oily rags from garages
  • Paint from contractors and decorators
  • Printer / toner cartridges from offices

For just £70.00+VAT we can deliver a specialist empty container with a capacity of 60L for you to fill. Once you let us know it’s full we will collect the sealed container and dispose of it at Canford Recycling Centre.

Learn more or order a hazardous waste box


IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) are ideal for businesses that are regularly producing larger volumes of hazardous waste, which need to be safely and securely stored onsite prior to collection.

This gives the user the benefit of adding to the IBC as needed over a longer period of time. Additionally, due to their storage capacity (up to 1250L), IBCs can be a very cost effective solution.

Learn more or arrange a quote for IBCs.

Man and van pickups

Our friendly, reliable man and van service is also fully licenced to carryout hazardous waste collections in and around Dorset. With the ability to transport up to 1 tonne of waste in a single trip, our man and van operatives will arrive on site and as long as the hazardous waste is safe for transport, will load the van with your waste for you. We will then transport it to our local recycling centre for compliant disposal.

Learn more or book a man and van waste collection.

Grab lorry pickups

Grab lorries are ideal for collecting large volumes of ‘one off’ hazardous waste, such as asbestos roof tiles that may be discovered during a renovation project or have been dumped by a fly tipper.

Our partners at Avon Material Supplies have a modern fleet of grab lorries with varying reaches and carrying capacities, which allows for waste piles to be cleared quickly even in areas or sites with limited access.

If you would like to receive a quote for a grab lorry hazardous waste pickup, please contact us on 01202 331560.

Hazardous waste drop offs

If you do not require a hazardous waste pickup service, you are welcome to bring your waste directly to us at Canford Recycling Centre. However, we would strongly advise your waste is correctly contained and you have taken all the required steps to ensure you can legally and safely transport the waste yourself.

Also, we do ask that you pre-book your hazardous disposal service with our onsite team to ensure that the correct measures and paperwork are in place when you arrive.

To arrange a hazardous waste disposal, please contact our team on 01202 331560. They can also advise you on any other specific requirements for your disposal, such as ensuring that any asbestos is double wrapped.


Guide to tyre disposal for garages, automotive businesses and individuals

Do you have scrap or unwanted tyres laying around that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Perhaps working with vehicles is part of your everyday business and therefore waste tyres are inevitable, or maybe you’ve simply changed your own car, van or motorcycle tyres.

Either way, you’ll need a cost-effective and convenient tyre disposal solution that is compliant with all the appropriate waste disposal legislation. Please remember, as the waste producer the responsibility of ensuring your tyres are disposed of legally rests with you. To help you to manage the disposal and recycling of your scrap tyres, please read on to learn of a few different tyre disposal options.

Has someone fly tipped tyres on your land? We can also help with this, please call our specialist team on 01202 331560 opt. 3.

Donate your tyres

Although your old tyres might not be any good for your vehicle anymore, they could be repurposed for something completely different! Why not reach out to your local zoo? Animals such as big cats and monkeys have tyres in their enclosures for exercise and enrichment.

If you happen to have a spare truck or tractor tyre, you could donate them to your local gym or sports club. Large tyres such as these are often in high demand as exercise tools.

Local tips

You may think that taking your waste tyres to your local council tip for disposal is the most convenient option. However, it is important to note that not all household tips accept tyres, and those that do will likely charge, so make sure you check their website in advance. Additionally, local tips do not usually accept any commercial tyres.

Tyre disposal at Commercial Recycling

Our tyre disposal and recycling facilities are available to businesses and individuals at our Canford Recycling Centre in Wimborne, and Southwood Recycling Centre near Shepton Mallet.

We offer a convenient, flexible tyre recycling service, with disposal charged on a per tyre or per tonne basis depending on the number that you have to dispose of. Our local recycling centres have automated weighbridges, tarmac surfaces throughout and wide turning spaces to provide a quick and easy low-cost solution.

Our friendly weighbridge operators will take payment and provide you with your Waste Transfer Note to prove that your waste has been disposed of correctly in accordance with legislation.

What tyres can be recycled with us?

We accept all tyre types, both on and off the rim. These include:

  • Car tyres
  • Motorcycle tyres
  • Van, lorry or truck tyres
  • Tractor tyres

For more information, please see our tyre disposal page, tipping prices, or call our experts on 01202 331560.

Tyre collection service

If you’re unable to safely transport your tyres yourself, we can collect them from you! Our tyre collections save you time and hassle, and we can collect from as little as 0.25 tonnes of tyres per visit.

Give us a call on 01202 331560, and depending on the number of tyres for disposal we’ll either send our 01202 331560 or grab lorry operatives to pick up the tyres from your premises.

Talk to us about tyre disposal

If you’d like to learn more about any of our tyre disposal solutions, please visit our tyre disposal, recycling and collections page.

To talk to us about your options or for a quote, you can fill out the enquiry form on the page, email or call 01202 331560.



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