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How to get rid of a fridge correctly?

Get rid of a fridge at Canford Recycling Centre

Get rid of a fridge in a compliant and legal manner

Every year, approximately 2.4 million fridges are disposed of in the UK and a further 3 million are bought as replacements. – Source; BBC News.

Fridges are classified as hazardous waste due to the ozone-depleting gases they contain that can be harmful to the environment if disposed of incorrectly. 

In this article, we cover how your business can get rid of a fridge correctly and the process Commercial Recycling follows to ensure all the fridges and freezers they receive are disposed of in a compliant and legal manner.

Legal requirements concerning the disposal of fridges

There are 3 key pieces of legislation to adhere to when disposing of a fridge, these are;

  1. Duty of Care – Waste Duty of Care Regulations 2005

All households and businesses getting rid of a fridge, as with all forms of waste, have a duty of care to ensure that it is disposed of responsibly in accordance with legislation. In practice, this means that you or your appointed waste contractor needs to get rid of your fridge at a licensed waste facility, like Commercial Recycling.

Breaching your duty of care could result in you being fined.

  1. Removal of Ozone Depleting Substances – EC regulation

All refrigeration units containing ozone-depleting substances (ODS), like your fridge, must have the ODS removed in a controlled manner before the appliance can be scrapped. This is why fridges can only be disposed of at a licensed waste facility where the redundant fridge can be safely stored prior to being taken to a specialist facility where the ODS can be safely removed.

Failure to comply with these regulations carries a hefty fine of up to £2,500 and eligibility for prosecution.

  1. Recycling and Recovery – The Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE)

WEEE legislation ensures that all forms of electrical waste are disposed of correctly and in a compliant manner. Individuals or businesses that do not comply with the rules that govern WEEE waste and choose to use an alternative disposal method are liable to be prosecuted and fined.

Remember fridge disposal should really be a last resort, it’s always best to reuse and recover fridge units wherever possible. Try talking to charities, friends, other businesses etc. to see if they could recover and reuse your unwanted fridge.

Do you need to book a fridge disposal service?

Our experts will always be happy to help you to successfully navigate the complicated legalities concerning hazardous wastes such as commercial fridges.

For advice or to book your fridge disposal, please call our expert team on 01202 579579 or email:

What happens once your fridge is disposed of at Canford Recycling Cente?

To ensure your fridge or freezer is disposed of safely, at Canford Recycling Centre we have a specialist area where fridges and freezers are taken off. When the designated area reaches capacity the redundant fridges and freezers are safely loaded on to a lorry for transportation to the specialist licensed facility we have audited and approved to remove the ODS element. When the waste fridges and freezers are deemed safe, the remaining materials are separated mechanically into individual product streams where they are recycled.

Despite the harmful substances used in the production of a fridge, over 95% of the average unit is recyclable.

Do you have a fridge that needs to be disposed of?

If you are a business looking to dispose of an unused commercial fridge, the weighbridge service offered at our local tips couldn’t be easier. Simply pull onto the weighbridge and inform the weighbridge operator of the waste you wish to dispose of, and we’ll take care of the rest. To read the full process, click here >>

If you are unable to transport your hazardous waste we can collect it for you.

For businesses who do not wish to or are unable to transport their fridge to one of our tipping sites, we also offer an affordable hazardous waste collection service. If you choose a pickup service from Commercial Recycling, our friendly team will arrange a date and time to suit your business and ensure that all legal matters are taken care of, including the completion of the correct consignment note.

Obtaining a hazardous consignment note

When disposing of any hazardous waste, it is the producer of the waste’s responsibility to know where the waste is sent, and that the correct steps are taken to ensure those contracted to collect it are operating legally.

When you are disposing of a commercial fridge, you will need to obtain a hazardous waste consignment note to prove that the waste has been taken care of correctly. For help in obtaining a consignment note please contact our hazardous waste specialist on 01202 579579 or

Contact Commercial Recycling for your fridge disposal

From your initial contact to completing the relevant paperwork and disposal of the fridge, Commercial Recycling will ensure your waste is handled in a correct and legal manner.

If you would like more information on how to get rid of a fridge or would like to arrange the disposal of a fridge with Commercial Recycling, please get in contact with our team by calling us on 01202 579579 or email

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