How To Dispose Of Inert Waste

How To Dispose Of Inert Waste

If you run a construction business, construction adjacent business or are undertaking a DIY renovation project the chances are that you will need to dispose of waste sand, brick, soil, or hardcore from time to time. This type of commercial waste needs to be disposed of in the proper legal manner, which means you need to use a compliant and regulated solution like Commercial Recycling for proper disposal. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Inert Waste?

Inert waste is a type of waste that does not decompose. Often created in the construction process, examples of inert waste include sand, bricks, rubble, and hardcore. In addition to not decomposing, inert waste is also non-reactive, which means it does not pose a threat to the environment and tends to be cheaper to dispose of than things like hazardous waste. The main problem that most businesses and organisations come across with inert waste is how to dispose of it in the smaller quantities created by smaller construction projects.

How To Dispose Of Inert Waste?

Inert waste must be disposed of correctly and there are specific laws governing the proper disposal of this type of waste.

The good news is instead of it taking up limited landfill space, a more effective and environmentally responsible way of dealing with inert waste is to recycle it at a facility such as ours. Here at Commercial Recycling, we pride ourselves on being able to recycle a very high percentage of inert waste to be reused within the construction industry in tasks such as building roads and filling trenches, so all you need to do is bring your waste to us.

Inert Waste Disposal At Commercial Recycling:

At Commerical Recycling, we have two sites that are able to receive inert waste; Wimborne Recycling Centre in Dorset and our Somerset Waste Recycling Facility. We also provide a tried and tested system for inert waste disposal which means your visit with us will be as fast and stress-free as possible.

We Offer Separate Bays For Sand, Soil, And Rubble

First of all, it’s important to note that we have separate bays for mixed inserts such as sands and soils, and hardcore, such as rubble and bricks. That means, where you have more than a tonne of each waste, it is best to presort your waste before arriving at our facility. We offer the best rates for customers that do this. The good news is you can bring all your different waste in a single van, as long as it’s pre-separated inside.

We Make Things Easy With Our Weighbridge

If you are wondering how we work out just how much waste you deposit in each visit, then the answer is our weighbridge. This clever and easy-to-use piece of kit allows us to weigh your van and determine just how much inert waste you are tipping, and so accurately determine your payments.

There’s no need to worry if you have presorted your waste as mentioned above either, as a quick trip back to the weighbridge after each deposit means we can keep an accurate eye on the weights involved.

Once the inert waste is disposed of at our Canford Recycling Centre it is then recycled into aggregate and sold through Avon Material Supplies – you can read more about this here.

Preparing For Your Trip To Commercial Recycling

By properly preparing for your trip to Commercial Recycling, you can also cut any hassle and stress. Not to mention make it faster and more economical for your business.

Once you arrive at our location you may be able to access our weighbridge directly. However, you may also need to queue at our busiest times which tend to be around lunchtime or before 9 am. If you plan your visit or book a slot outside of these times you can make things even faster and easier.

In addition to attending during our quieter times, we can also speed up the process of inert waste disposal if you have all the information and permits necessary to hand. If you are tipping commercial waste with us, you will need permits for commercial waste, as well as the following details:

  • Company Name
  • Vehicle registration
  • Type(s) of waste you are tipping
  • Where the waste comes from
  • Waste carrier licence

Choose Commercial Recycling For All Your Inert Waste Disposal Needs!

If you’ve been searching for ‘inert waste disposal near me’, look no further than Commercial Recycling. We have been licensed and expertly dealing with all kinds of waste disposal for over 20 years! That means you can trust us to meet all your inert waste disposal needs.

Before you visit us, be sure to check out our price list here!

Alternatively, if you have any questions give our friendly team a call at 01202 579579 or email

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