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Guide to Disposing of ‘Difficult’ Wastes

The term “difficult waste” is frequently used when describing various types of wastes that can be problematic to dispose of. Although not necessarily categorised as hazardous waste, they are often unable to be placed in general / mixed waste streams.

As operators of large waste disposal facilities which are licensed to accept an array of wastes including hazardous and WEEE, we are experienced in dealing with tricky items. In this article we identify some of the most common difficult waste types and explain how we can help to dispose of them.

Fridge and freezer disposal

By nature of their size and the fact they are classed as a hazardous waste, getting rid of a redundant fridge or freezer can leave people wondering what the best way to dispose of them is.

As we are licenced for the disposal of most hazardous wastes, Commercial Recycling can provide convenient fridge/freezer disposal. Simply bring your fridge freezer to our local recycling centre for tipping. If it’s easier, we can arrange the collection of the item(s), just give us a call on 01202 579579 to book this in.

Learn more about fridge / freezer disposals.

Carpet recycling

In certain trades, it’s common to be left with a lot of leftover carpet waste for disposal. Our automated weighbridges make carpet disposal a piece of cake – simple drive onto them, and one of our friendly weighbridge operators will take payment, allowing you to recycle old carpet and be on your way in no time.

Alternatively, if you’re getting a new carpet fitted in your own home, you’ll normally need to arrange disposal of the old one. Carpets are always heavier and more awkward to move than people think!

As a large carpet roll will not safely fit in a car or small van (without being cut up) it can be difficult to take to our disposal site or the local tip. If transporting the waste is an issue you can use our ‘man & van waste collection service’ for carpet recycling. This service has the added advantage of the waste being loaded on to the van by our own operatives.

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Tyre recycling

Did you know that it has been illegal to dispose of tyres at a landfill site since 2006? Luckily, we are licenced to accept tyres from you. Tyres that are disposed of at our centres are bulk stored and then transported to specialist recyclers for tyre recycling.

Commercial Recycling offers tyre disposal and recycling for businesses, tradespeople and individuals in the Dorset and Somerset area. This can be done as a drop off to one of our local recycling centres or we can arrange for our convenient collection service.

If you are a garage or commercial operation we can price per tonne and provide you with a regular collection schedule and even a credit account.

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Commercial WEEE waste (waste electrical and electronic equipment)

WEEE compliance is essential to ensure that all forms of electrical waste are disposed in the correct, safe manner. Those that do not comply are liable to prosecution and may face a fine.

Commercial Recycling operate local tips in Dorset and Somerset that are licensed to accept waste electrical equipment from both individuals and businesses. Examples of WEEE waste that we can accept for disposal include TVs, computers, white goods, car batteries and fluorescent tubes – essentially anything with a battery or plug.

For more information about WEEE waste disposal, please feel free to contact our experts on 01202 579579.

Disposing of wood

Wood waste is actually categorized into grades. For example pallets and packaging crates are classed as ‘high grade, A’ whereas MDF, fencing panels and decking are in the ‘low grade, C’ group.

Some woods are even classed as hazardous. This is usually the case when the wood has been treated with preserving chemicals, such as with railway sleepers, telegraph poles or wood treated with creosote. You can dispose of hazardous wood waste at our Canford Recycling Centre. Learn more about hazardous wood waste.

Commercial Recycling is licensed to accept all groups of wood waste types, and so bringing your wood to us for tipping can be a convenient solution for many businesses.

Learn more about wood waste disposal.

How to arrange disposal of your difficult waste

In a nutshell we can help dispose of almost any of your waste types, however ‘difficult’ they are. Whether you’d prefer to bring your waste to us or have us collect it from you, we can accommodate your disposal requirements.

To learn more about the waste services Commercial Recycling offer, to book your disposal or to find out if we can dispose of a particular type of waste, please contact our team on 01202 579579 or enquiries@avonmaterialsupplies.co.uk.

Difficult waste collection service

As mentioned, we also arrange collections of most difficult wastes. The most common collection method we use is our man and van service. This is the easiest way for us to collect up to 1 tonne of waste in a single trip. Plus, our operatives will load the van for you meaning you won’t have to lift a finger.

If you need a waste collection on a larger scale, we can arrange for a grab lorry collection. Simply call us on 01202 579579 to discuss your options.


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