Dorset recycling for businesses explained | Commercial Recycling

Dorset recycling for businesses explained

Dorset recycling for businesses explained

Confused by all the different types of waste containers offered? Baffled with what can be recycled in Dorset? When you know how, recycling is easy and shouldn’t be a burden to your business.

From commercial Dorset recycling collections to waste disposal at our Canford Recycling Centre, here is some useful information, and a little reminder of why recycling so important.

How can I recycle better?

Businesses who generate waste must have a suitable, compliant waste disposal solution in place. Commonly a business will choose to use a commercial waste management organisation to remove its waste as part of a contracted, scheduled collection solution. Waste containers often used in this process are roll top wheelie bins such as 1100L bins or FEL (front end loader) containers, which are metal and similar to enclosed skips.

However larger producers of waste will often opt to use solutions that include;

For further information on local skip, roro (rollonoff) and grab truck hire we would recommend contacting Avon Material Supplies on 01202 810938.

In situations where waste collection services are not viable or when a business wishes to transport its own waste, a licensed disposal facility such as Canford Recycling Centre, should be an ideal destination.

We operate 2 recycling centres, one is our Dorset recycling centre in Wimborne which is open Mon – Fri 7am-5:30pm and Saturday mornings 7am-12pm. Click here for more information on materials that can be disposed at this recycling centre or call us on 01202 579579. Our 2nd site is in Southwood near Shepton Mallet, open 7:30am – 5pm Mon – Fri, similarly to Canford Recycling Centre, this site allows most waste streams to be disposed of, for more information call 01749 830889 view the dedicated page here.

4 reasons Dorset recycling is important:

  1. It saves energy for your future. The materials you recycle mean they can be manufactured into new products, without starting from scratch often wit raw products .
  2. It help protects the environment and local wildlife. We live in a beautiful part of the UK, where we are lucky enough to be surrounded by the New Forest and miles of sandy beaches along the coast. By recycling you are reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill which can potentially harm wildlife. Safely recycling materials also reduces the risk of the habitats of animals being damaged or lost. 
  3. It reduces your carbon footprint. Reducing paper waste can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Small changes to your lifestyle can help achieve this, for example printing on both sides of the paper, or picking the ‘no receipt’ option at checkout.
  4. It saves money – waste segregation increases the amount of waste that can be recovered, recycled and reused and in turn reduces the amount of expensive mixed ‘general’ waste that businesses needs to dispose off. 

For more information on Dorset recycling, please feel free to give our team a call on 01202 579579 or email us on

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