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Dorset landfill sites are closing

Dorset Landfill Sites are closing

The end of Dorset Landfill Sites?

Towards the end of last year, we wrote about how the use of Dorset landfill sites is changing, as well as across the entire UK. The national changes are in line with the strategy that was first put in place during the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government, which is summarised below.

Landfill should be the option of last resort for most waste, especially biodegradable and recyclable waste.We (The Government) continue to update our evidence on what goes into landfill and how we can reduce it cost effectively. Source: Read more here.

Alternative Dorset Landfill Sites

The Government, supported by local councils, are working to raise awareness amongst businesses and their employees on how easy and cost effective it can be to recover, reuse and recycle waste items.

This is something the Directors and staff of Commercial Recycling are passionate about and as a result offer discounted rates for the disposal of single waste streams such as glass, wood and concrete. In addition to reduced tipping fees users of our recycling sites can benefit from low minimum weight charges.   

Stop using landfill and start using our recycling centres

Our low cost recycling sites are located in Dorset, Somerset and Hampshire, and benefit from convenient opening hours, easy access, quick turnaround times and hard surfaces throughout*.

Our recycling centres:

Our inert tipping facilities:

If you would like to find out more about how Commercial Recycling can help businesses and tradespeople reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill, contact our team on 01202 579579 or

*Not available at our inert tipping facilities.

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