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Where can I dispose of old gas bottles?

What are gas bottles?

Whilst there are many types of gas bottles, the general term covers any flammable hydrocarbon gas liquefied that is stored through pressurisation in a gas bottle or cylinder. Gas bottles have many uses to both individuals, contractors and businesses including heating, cooking and auto fuel.

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of these bottles, disposing of them requires the use of a professional, fully licensed disposal facility, which can ensure waste bottles and cylinders are correctly disposed of.

Where to dispose of old gas bottles?

At Commercial Recycling, our centres are fully licensed to handle more difficult waste streams such as gas canisters, cylinders and bottles. Our local recycling centres in Dorset and Somerset are fully equipped and open Monday to Friday, Canford Recycling Centre also opens on Saturday mornings.  

Recycling centres able to accept gas bottles:

Canford Recycling centre near Wimborne:

  • Address: Magna Road, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 3BW
  • Tel: 01202 579579.

Somerset Recycling Centre near Shepton Mallet

  • Address: Evercreech, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6LX
  • Tel: 01202 830889.

If you have a larger amount of waste gas bottles that you are unable to transport yourself, we can provide a collection service, which can be organised on a one-off basis or as part of a scheduled hazardous waste management solution. Collections are completed by AMS using either their man and van service or an enclosed skip.

What gas bottles do you accept?

Our Canford and Somerset Recycling centres can accept gas cylinders that are full, partially full and empty; meaning we can handle any redundant bottles you have.

What is required for disposal of gas bottles?

If the gas bottle waste is coming from a commercial source such as a factory or office, a consignment note is required. This is a legal requirement related to how the hazardous waste item(s) is stored, transported and disposed of and must stay with the waste until it reaches its final destination.

Have any questions about gas bottle disposal?

Our expert team at Commercial Recycling can help! Give us a call on 01202 579579.

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