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Day in the Life of… Stephen

The weather heating up doesn’t stop our busy recycling centre and inert facility. In fact, our inert facility is as busy as ever, so we thought we would catch up with Stephen Newbould, our Weighbridge Operator.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your job

Well, I have been working for Commercial Recycling for 7 years. I used to live in Kent and I was moving down here, so I was looking to find some work that would suit my skill levels. Commercial Recycling seemed like a good fit. I knew someone working in the company and they managed to get me an interview. 7 years later and I am still here, enjoying the job and the people I work with.

The biggest part of my job is controlling the weighbridge at Canford Inert Facility. So this means that I deal with all the incoming and outgoing vehicles that come through the Canford Inert facility.

My job crosses over to Avon Material Supplies (AMS) a bit as I deal with AMS aggregates going out of the facility too. I also deal with customers who come to collect the aggregates themselves, weighing how much of the aggregates they are taking with them and making sure they are charged for the correct aggregate and weight.

I also work closely with the transport office on the logistics of all the AMS transport, making sure that our routes are as efficient as possible so that our customers can get the aggregates quickly.

Another part of my job is also to speak to those working on the ground of the inert facility, to make sure the correct stuff is going out, and that it is going out in the correct way. We don’t want anyone charged for the wrong material!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Most of my days are focused around drivers and customers coming in while we weigh the vehicles and get the paperwork they need for their aggregate collection. If you don’t know how the weighbridge works, they will drive an empty truck up on one side and get out to come see me and give me some details such as which aggregate they are collecting. They will then go and collect the product and return to the other side of the weighbridge and come back to see me where I will input what they are taking and how much they are taking, print out the paperwork they need and send them on their way.

When I’m not doing that, which isn’t that often really, I am making sure all the paperwork is up together, and making sure that we are compliant with the environment agency. It’s a lot of data inputting.

What excites you about working at Commercial Recycling?

The people I work with, and the people that come in. We have a great team in this office and we all love a bit of banter, so there is always laughter here, even when we get busy.

I also enjoy working with our customers. We get a lot of repeat customers so we all work hard to build up a rapport with them. It means that we are always happy to see the customers and they are happy to see us and have a bit of a chat; the process of the weighbridge isn’t a chore for them but just part of the process of coming to the inert facility.

What makes Commercial Recycling different?

It is a tight knit place to work; everyone knows each other in the company. It isn’t robotic, we don’t just individually follow processes to get the products out. There is more personality in the company which makes it an interesting workplace everyday.

Hopefully, when you come into the weighbridge office, you can feel that we don’t have to hide our personalities away while we work, they are part of what makes Commercial Recycling what it is. We work hard, but build long lasting friendships whilst we’re here.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Homelands, foal and walnuts. Only some people might get that.

I knew you were going to ask me this, so as a joke I looked up my location on what3words.com. So if you need to find me… now you can.

But the three words I would use to describe myself, and not my location, would be:

  • Driven
  • Keen
  • Creative

Tell us something about yourself that not many other people know

I love to play guitar and have played since I was 13. I play in a band, and that is my passion.

We do covers and play in local pubs, and at private events and weddings; well they used to play weddings before I joined the band… we won’t read into that!

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