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What are the most common types of hazardous waste

Top ten Hazardous waste types

The correct management of waste is something that all businesses, regardless of their size, should be concerned with. UK legislation dictates how a waste producer must segregate, store, transport and dispose of their waste in a compliant manner.

Segmenting waste to adhere with the pre-treatment directive can often be achieved if a business uses a waste management company, providing them with separate collections for general waste and dry mixed recyclables. This is a good approach, however, businesses must also remember to remove hazardous wastes from their general waste stream and treat them separately.

Hazardous wastes to look out for

As licensed operators of a large hazardous waste disposal facility, our expert staff have a great understanding of common waste types that are often mistakenly placed in mixed waste streams.

Top 10 types of hazardous waste we receive from small businesses are:

Did you know? Offices in England and Wales that produce more than 200kg of hazardous waste in any 12-month period will need to register with the Environment Agency.

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Help with hazardous waste disposal

Commercial Recycling are committed to helping local businesses manage their waste correctly. If you would like further information, please download our hazardous waste brochure or contact our friendly team on 01202 579579.

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