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Commercial Fridge Disposal: How to dispose of your fridge safely and legally!

Is your workplace looking to revamp its rest area(s), or maybe your trusty office fridge has finally reached the end of its life? If so, you’re likely to be asking yourself how to dispose of a fridge used at a business.

Below we answer some of the questions we are frequently asked around commercial fridge disposal, including how to dispose of workplace fridges correctly, what fines can be imposed for not following the legislation and where you can take your fridge for disposal.

Why should I dispose of my fridge correctly?

If your fridge is now unusable and donating or selling it isn’t an option, then disposing of the fridge is the only real remaining option.

Disposing of your redundant commercial fridge at a compliant recycling centre, such as Canford Recycling Centre, will ensure you receive the appropriate paperwork to show you have acted legally and in an environmentally responsible manner.

What happens if I don’t use a compliant commercial fridge disposal company?

As well as acting in an irresponsible manner that could damage the environment further, you are also risking a large fine!

Failure to comply with the Hazardous Waste Laws could leave you liable for a fine in excess of £5,000 not just to the company, but the directors as well.*

Did you know, regardless of whether or not you believe you are acting in the correct manner, as the waste producer it’s your responsibility to ensure that hazardous waste from your business is disposed of legally. Therefore if you can’t transport the commercial fridge yourself to a licensed facility, such as Canford Recycling Centre, you must use a certified waste carrier.

Commercial Recycling offers a compliant Hazardous waste collection service, see below for more information.

How do I know the company I am using for my commercial fridge disposal is compliant?

Any company that you employ to remove and dispose of your commercial fridge must have a waste carriers licence and the correct permits to be able to transport hazardous waste. In addition, they should also be able to provide or assist you to create the correct consignment note.

Don’t risk going with a provider who isn’t licensed! If you’re unsure, contact our hazardous waste team for further advice on 01202 331560.

Once I’ve disposed of my fridge, how is it recycled?

As a commercial fridge counts as a hazardous waste, there are some elements that cannot be recycled. However, at Canford Recycling Centre all domestic and commercial fridges are securely stored on-site and then transported in bulk to specialist facilities where each unit is carefully broken down to ensure all parts that can be safely reused are recovered and recycled.

Fridge parts and materials usually recycled include; oils, liquids, plastics & metals.  

Can you collect my fridge for me?

At Commercial Recycling we offer an affordable collection service for businesses who are unable to or do not wish to transport their waste fridge or freezer.

If you choose a pickup service from Commercial Recycling our friendly team will arrange a date and time to suit your business and will also ensure that all legal matters are taken care of, including the correct consignment note being completed.

You can read more about the steps that you will need to follow if you dispose of yourself, once you are at the centre here.

How much will it cost my business for commercial fridge disposal?

For the exact cost to dispose of your commercial fridge, it’s worth giving our team a call on 01202 331560. Alternatively, you can take a look at our disposal price list here.

Contact Commercial Recycling for your commercial fridge disposal!

If you need more information on how to dispose of a fridge or would like to arrange your commercial fridge disposal with Commercial Recycling, then please get in contact with our team by calling us on 01202 331560 or email enquiries@commercialrecycling.co.uk.

* https://www.recycling4you.co.uk

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