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Christmas clear out tips with Commercial Recycling

Christmas always brings about joy, time with family and friends and food, but here at Commercial Recycling we have noticed over the years that it can often bring about a good ol’ house clearance too.

Whether you are clearing out the house to make space for the incoming selection of new toys, or you are using the extended period of time off to redecorate, we have written a few tips to help you with your clear out.

Write down your plan

Before you start tackling a Christmas clear out, it is always a good idea to make a plan. This will help you focus the mind and prioritise what needs doing.

Have a written list of things that you want to achieve and set time frames to do them so that you don’t get distracted. This will also help you to schedule in your visits to the tip to dispose of any waste you generate from this clear out. Remember local tips such as ours will be closed on certain days of the Christmas period.

If you are currently in the planning process of your clear out, then it is worth noting that Canford Recycling Centre is open until 12pm on Saturday the 24th December and will be open between Christmas and New Year, and Southwood Recycling Centre will be open 3pm on Friday 23rd and will also be open between Christmas and New Year.

Find full details of our Christmas opening hours.

Making room for guests

Christmas is always a time for having guests over, and whether they are staying with you, or are just visiting for the day you want to make sure that you have rough space for everyone.

Make sure that any chairs or seating areas are easily accessible, and if they aren’t then go through what is stopping them from being easy to sit on. And if you are having guests to stay, go through the guest bedroom to make sure there is plenty of space for your guests to put their overnight bags and to move around the room.

While going through this collection of “stuff”, separate it out into various piles; what can go to charity or be put up for sale? What can be put elsewhere, and what can be disposed of?

Once you have a rubbish pile, separate it into the different types of waste, so that when it comes to bringing your waste to one of our sites, it can go into the allocated waste bays for recycling and recovery. Spending time doing this as you go through the area at home, will save you time and money when it comes to disposing of the rubbish.

Make room for incoming presents

After Christmas, once you have opened your presents, take the opportunity to go through your belongings. Get rid of anything that you are no longer using, or that has been upgraded this year to make room for the new things.

Again, think about what can go to charity, or what can be sold first. Then put it into piles of waste. Have you got plastic coat hangers that can be recycled, or have you got old hairspray bottles lying around or batteries that ran out a long time ago?

We recommend that you separate things like that out so that any hazardous waste (batteries and hairspray bottles for example) can be dealt with correctly on site. It will also enable you to tip each waste type in their allocated bays quickly so that you can get home and get on with Christmas activities.

Upgrading furniture or redecorating

With an extended period of time off from work, now is the perfect time to make those changes to your home that have been on the list for a while.

If the furniture is looking a little run down, and not suitable for reselling then where possible, dismantle it. This will make it easier for you to bring to our sites, and will enable you to tip each section in the right bay so that we can recycle it rather than send it to landfill.

Don’t forget, we can accept mattresses and any electrical and electronic waste that you might be wanting to get rid of.

Be conscious of the environment

When getting rid of things from around the house, try to think about the environment and make decisions that would be environmentally friendly.

If it can be donated or resold, then take the items to the local charity shop, or add pictures to a selling app.

If you have belongings that really can’t be reused, think about where you are going to dispose of them.

At Commercial Recycling, we currently divert 90.5% of the waste we receive from landfill, and are aiming to reach zero waste to landfill, if you bring them to either our Somerset or Dorset recycling centres you can be confident that most of your waste is being diverted away from landfill and is being recycled and recovered instead.

Tip with us this Christmas

If you find yourself having a Christmas clear out, then don’t forget to tip with us.

We accept most waste types for low minimum charges, including hazardous waste, WEEE waste and many different materials and we have separate waste bays for each waste stream for easy and fast disposal.

If you have more than one waste type, you can tip them in one trip, simply let us know when you arrive at the weighbridge. You can go and tip your first load before coming back to the weighbridge and then go and tip the next load. This process can be done until you have disposed of all you waste.

We are open right up to Christmas and both of our sites will be open between Christmas and New Year. We recommend that you check our Christmas opening hours before visiting us.

If you would like to speak to our friendly team about disposing with us, call us on 01202 579579, or email us at

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