Charges at recycling centers and local tips in Somerset

Charges at recycling centres in Somerset

Tipping charges at local household waste recycling centres

Did you know that most recycling centres, including the various household waste recycling centres (HWRC) in Somerset, are now having to levy a charge for the disposal of certain waste streams?

According to charges are now being applied to the disposal of hardcore, soil, tyres and gas bottles, as well as asbestos and plasterboard waste.

HWRC sites often excel at providing a free of charge disposal service to homeowners wishing to dispose of small amounts of general waste and mixed recyclables. This is due to the sites being carefully planned and operated in order to accommodate a constant stream of cars and small vans.

Difficulties and delays can occur at HWRC when residents or their appointed contractor wish to tip higher volumes of waste using a larger car with a trailer or a commercial vehicle.

Alternative solution for individuals and businesses in Somerset

Local residents and contractors looking for a more efficient way to dispose of larger volumes of wastes can use Southwood Recycling Centre in Evercreech near Shepton Mallet in Somerset.

The range of benefits available to users of Southwood Recycling Centre include:

  • Cheaper disposal rates for certain waste types – Please see below
  • Hard surfaces throughout with indoor disposal options
  • Automated weighbridge
  • On-site low cost inert (soil, rubble, hardcore etc) tipping facility
  • Easy access and wide roads throughout the site

Lower tipping fees

Southwood Recycling Centre is a commercial disposal facility that is geared up to manage large volumes of single waste streams and as a result can offer competitively priced disposal options.

When the HWRC and Southwood Recycling disposal charges are compared it is apparent that individuals can save considerable amounts of money.

(To help interpret the below information we would suggest half a tonne is the approximate weight of material you could place in a small single axle car trailer)

Southwood Recycling Centre  Price Somerset HWRC Price
Soil (per tonne) £30.00 Soil (per tonne) £60.58
Hardcore (per tonne) £10.00 Hardcore (per tonne) £60.58
Gas Bottles (per bottle) £15.00 Gas Bottles (per bottle) From £5.16
Plasterboard (per 1/4 tonne) £25.00 Plasterboard  (per sheet / rubble sack) £3.33

Prices quoted are correct as of the 23.09.16 according to and However please note they are exclusive of VAT and could be changed without prior notification.

When to use disposal facilities operated by Commercial Recycling

If you have been undertaking a clearing project or a significant amount of work that has left you with more than a ¼ tonne of waste, you will save a sizeable amount of money by choosing Commercial Recycling.

Do you have household waste to dispose of, including hardcore, soil, tyres, gas bottles and plasterboard? If this is the case, contact our team today for more information and help. Call 01202 579579 / 01749 830889.

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