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Case Study: SMPK Clearance & Recycling

Who are SMPK Clearance & Recycling?

SMPK Clearance & Recycling are a waste collection business based in Bournemouth. They operate a small fleet of 3.5t vans for the collection of a wide range of waste materials. The domestic, trade and garden waste is picked up directly from their customers’ sites and sorted through by the staff. Where possible they will take things to charity shops or Dorset Reclaim, and then anything unusable is brought to our Canford Recycling facility. 

What challenges did SMPK Clearance & Recycling face before using Commercial Recycling?

Before using Canford Recycling Centre, SMPK Clearance & Recycling found that there was a lack of choice in the local area for waste tipping and recycling. 

This meant that they were having to travel far to tip and recycle the waste they were picking up, which slowed productivity and wasted time. 

In 2010, SMPK Clearance & Recycling found Commercial Recycling and they have been tipping and recycling with us ever since. 

Has the solution from Commercial Recycling saved money and/or increased productivity?

We have helped SMPK Clearance & Recycling to do both, save money and increase their productivity. 

As we have various waste bays for the different types of waste we accept, we offer the opportunity to split the waste collected by SMPK Clearance & Recycling into the different waste streams.  As SMPK Clearance & Recycling clears waste from a variety of settings, they often have a mixture of waste types to dispose of. Therefore, being able to separate the materials collected into different streams, such as general waste, wood, plasterboard, etc., before tipping, paired with their low minimum quarter of a tonne charge, really helps them save money on disposing of the waste. 

Commercial Recycling has also invested heavily on their Canford site, putting in new weighbridges and covering more areas with concrete, meaning that tipping can be far quicker and SMPK drivers are able to move onto the next job faster.  

How does Commercial Recycling support SMPK Clearance & Recycling?

SMPK use our tipping services at Canford Recycling Centre for all the waste that they collect from their customers. This includes:

They have a 30-day credit account with us, which helps them manage their business cash flow. As with anyone, our sales team is always available to answer any questions about the different types of waste. We are also always on hand to provide disposal solutions and prices for waste types that they may not have encountered before. 

Why did SMPK Clearance & Recycling choose Commercial Recycling?

SMPK Clearance & Recycling use our Canford Recycling Centre facility as it’s perfectly positioned in the local area that they operate in; we are easy to get to from all major towns and have good road transport links making the process of disposing of the waste as easy as collecting it for the drivers. 

Our low minimum tonnages make the waste disposal cost-effective and the fast vehicle turn-around times and concrete or tarmac surfaces throughout the site make it quick and easy to dispose of the waste collected by SMPK Clearance & Recycling each day. 

What so SMPK have to say? 

Since disposing of our waste at CRL they’ve helped us to recycle more with their minimum 250kg weight limits. The early 7am opening times help and with the various weighbridges they have, the queues are kept down.

Sam Duffield from SMPK 

Are you looking for a waste disposal centre? 

We are the go-to waste disposal company for many businesses in the local area, whether that be for hazardous waste, building construction waste or general waste

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