Case Study: Clinical Waste Solutions | Commercial Recycling

Case Study: Clinical Waste Solutions

Who is Clinical Waste Solutions?

Clinical Waste Solutions provides waste management to businesses across Dorset that deal with hazardous or low-grade non hazardous waste. Their customers may include companies such as:

  • Residential care homes
  • Funeral directors
  • Medical and dental practises
  • Nurseries
  • Tattooists

And many more!

When did Clinical Waste Solutions start working with Commercial Recycling?

Before disposing of their waste with Commercial Recycling, Clinical Waste Solutions were using a dedicated hazardous waste landfill centre in Dorset (which has subsequently closed down), but they were finding that their vehicles were getting damaged due to the nature of the site. For Clinical Waste Solutions to now go directly to a landfill centre, it would mean driving to Somerset or Wiltshire, wasting a lot of time on a daily basis.

As a result, Clinical Waste Solutions started to work with Commercial Recycling over 10 years ago as their trusted partner for waste disposal.

How does Commercial Recycling support Clinical Waste Solutions?

Clinical Waste Solutions relies on our services on a daily basis to dispose of their clients’ waste. They bring 2 types of waste to us:

Low grade non-hazardous waste

Where possible, this type of waste is sent to energy recovery facilities rather than the landfill. Commercial Recycling are in charge of the disposal of this type of waste for them, so once it’s with us, we send it away. There are no other local disposal outlets that can accept and transfer this kind of waste, which is why we are a perfect partner for Clinical Waste Solutions.

Examples of low grade clinical waste include:

  • Incontinence waste
  • Sanitary waste

High grade hazardous waste

This kind of hazardous waste cannot be broken down, reused or recycled. This therefore means that it must be sent to a landfill site.

Clinical Waste Solutions arrange disposal of the high grade waste once it’s been brought to us and disposed of in the bins we provide.

Examples of high grade hazardous waste include:

  • Medical and clinical waste
  • Sharps disposal

Why did Clinical Waste Solutions choose Commercial Recycling?

We are a major part of the process for Clinical Waste Solutions, and as they dispose of so much waste with us, we have provided a dedicated bay and compound that they can use. This means that we know exactly what waste is what and where it needs to go, without it having to be further segregated. It also means that Clinical Waste Solutions can come and go as they please, saving them huge amounts of time and money!

Commercial Recycling has many different waste types on our permit that we are allowed to accept, which puts us ahead of many other waste facilities which are not permitted to accept any form of hazardous wastes.

Are you looking for a trusted waste management solution for hazardous waste?

We are chosen by many local Dorset businesses as their go-to waste disposal company, whether that’s for hazardous waste disposal or mixed waste.

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