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Update on what’s going on at Canford Recycling Centre

A couple of months ago we introduced you to our new Managing Director, James Howarth. The appointment of James hasn’t been the only change in the past few months, and we thought we should get you up to speed with what’s been happening around Canford Recycling Centre recently.

Expansion of the team

As we expand our recycling centre and invest in our Canford site, we will be welcoming a few new faces to the team. This month saw 3 new starters that we would like to introduce to you.

Firstly, we had Mark join the team as Head of Health and Safety. Whilst mainly based at our Canford site, Mark is working with our teams across all of the sites to ensure they remain compliant with our health and safety rules and regulations.

Remember when you visit us you must wear a hard hat, a high vis jacket and suitable shoes. If you don’t have a hard hat or high vis jacket or vest with you, you can buy them when you get to us.

A little more recently, we have also had Neil Nicholas join as Operations Manager and Wayne Turner join as Operations Supervisor.

Both Neil and Wayne are based full time at our Canford site and run Canford waste operations. This means that they are around the tipping site making sure that you are all safely disposing of your waste and tipping it in the allocated bays.

As a massive part of our business is managing waste tipped by you before it is screened and recycled; we need to make sure that all waste is stored safely, especially as we accept and store hazardous waste. So, Neil and Wayne work to make sure we are compliantly managing the waste that you dispose of with us.

They are also working to make sure that we are recycling as much as possible, helping us to reach our ‘zero waste to landfill’ target.

Along with these three starters, we have also increased the number of pickers on our recycling belt. This means that we can increase recovery of waste allowing us to further increase our recycling efforts and reduce the amount that we are sending to landfill.

New waste bays

Continuing the development that we started at the end of last year with the concreting of land and building of a new mixed waste bay, we are adding more waste bays to our Canford site.

These new bays will allow you to segregate your waste further when tipping, which will enable us to recycle more and you to save more money.

We currently have bays for metal, cardboard, carpet and general waste.

At Commercial Recycling, we are always striving to increase our recycling rates in order to achieve that goal of ‘zero waste to landfill’ and we hope to continue investing in our site to allow us to reach this target.

What waste do we accept?

Along with these new bays, we also have bays that collect the following:

Do you have waste to dispose of?

We are fully licensed to accept your waste, from general rubbish and mixed recyclables to WEEE and hazardous waste.

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Daniel Frangos

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