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A simple guide to hazardous waste box removals in Dorset

If you’re looking for an affordable, easy solution for your small hazardous waste removals in Dorset, a hazardous waste box might be just what you’re looking for.

In this simple guide, we describe what our hazardous waste box service is and why it is ideal for Dorset businesses who produce small amounts of hazardous wastes, which need to be collected and disposed of.

What is a hazardous waste disposal box?

The hazardous waste box we use is a specialist container that provides a safe storage solution for ‘non-bulky’ hazardous wastes. When filled it can be secured and safely transported to a licensed disposal facility.

The hazardous boxes we use measure 53cm (long) by 30cm (high) by 36cm (wide) and have a capacity of 60L. Phone our experts on 01202 579579 for more information.

How does this type of waste disposal work?

It is always a challenge knowing how to correctly and legally dispose of hazardous waste, this is due to the associated health risks and strict Government legislations involved. To help avoid the headache, we have made our hazardous waste box service as user-friendly as possible.

Just follow this simple step-by-step process:

  • Firstly, phone a member of our team on 01202 579579 to organise your hazardous waste disposal. Depending on the quantity of waste you have, you might be eligible for our hazardous waste box. If not, we can organise a larger container or disposal method.
  • Once everything has been confirmed, you can arrange for your hazardous waste box to be delivered to your business.
  • Alternatively, if you would prefer to collect, you can do so from our Canford Recycling Centre.
  • Fill the box with your commercial hazardous waste and when it is ready for collection, give us a call on 01202 579579. We will then organise all of the appropriate paperwork associated with your disposal, collect, and transport the box to our hazardous waste recycling facility, always ensuring that it is dealt with safely and legally.

What waste can be put into a hazardous waste box?

Commercial Recycling is licensed to manage all common forms of hazardous waste, but our hazardous waste boxes are particularly suited to businesses producing smaller amounts of ‘non-bulky’ waste types, such as:

If you’re looking to dispose of a waste type that we haven’t listed above, please contact our expert hazardous waste team on 01202 579579, or email

Get in touch with our team to discuss your hazardous waste removals in Dorset

For enquiries relating to hazardous waste disposals, including the use of our hazardous waste boxes, please call our Environmental Coordinator on 01202 579579 who will be happy to help you with your enquiry. We can also provide site audits and on-site guidance.

Commercial Recycling can help with all of the legalities that come with handling hazardous waste, from registering your premises with the Environment Agency, to completing a hazardous waste consignment note.

However, please note that all hazardous waste must be pre-booked in advance of your collection/disposal.

Contact our expert hazardous waste team to book your disposals:

Wimborne phone: 01202 579579

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