2016 Tipping Rates at Commercial Recycling

2016 Tipping Prices

2016 tipping rates at Commercial Recycling

On the 1st April revised tipping charges at our recycling centres will be put in place, this is to coincide with the Government’s scheduled 2016 landfill tax increase that is implemented on the same day.

Landfill tax applies to all waste disposed by way of landfill or at a licensed landfill site and is charged at a specific rate per tonne. Although most of the waste received at Commercial Recycling is recycled there are some forms of waste requiring disposal at a landfill and therefore subject to landfill tax.

Our low minimum charges, acceptance of various single waste streams and automated weighbridges that increase accuracy of weighing help us to offer you an efficient, fully compliant and cost effective waste disposal service.

Click here so you can download your digital copy of our updated ‘1st April 2016 price lists’.

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