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Welcome to Commercial Recycling, a leading provider of ‘zero waste to landfill’ solutions to businesses

In addition to operating disposal facilities, Commercial Recycling also recover and supply waste that is used in the creation of sustainable products and renewable energy.

To learn more about the key services Commercial Recycling provide in Dorset and Somerset, please click on the appropriate link below.

Recycling Site Canford

Recycling centres

Commercial Recycling operate two purpose built local tips and two inert landfill facilities.

The specialist, affordable waste recycling centres are located in Evercreech, Somerset and Wimborne, Dorset.

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Recycling Site Canford

Recycling and recovery

Commercial Recycling are experts in waste recovery and achieve extremely high recycling levels.

In addition to recycling industrial waste, Commercial Recycling also recycle inert wastes into a range of superior recycled aggregates.

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Recycling Site Canford

Hazardous waste

Canford Recycling centre is fully licensed to accept a wide spectrum of hazardous and difficult wastes.

Accepted wastes include paint, asbestos, oils, oil filters, contaminated rags, solvents, resins, hazardous WEEE and batteries

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