Compliant disposal of fridges and freezers

Low cost disposal close to Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset and Shepton Mallet in Somerset
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Fridges and freezers are classified as hazardous waste due to the ozone depleting gases they contain and therefore cannot be disposed of within general waste streams.

Businesses or individuals requiring a local fridge or fridge freezer disposal point within the Bournemouth and Poole area can use Canford Recycling Centre, which is a fully licensed site for the disposal of fridges and fridge freezers.

For disposal in Somerset clients can use our Southwood Recycling Centre which is close to Shepton Mallet.

Correctly disposing of fridges and freezers

To ensure fridges and fridge freezers are disposed of in a compliant and safe manner they must be segregated from general waste and processed at a licensed facility such as Canford Recycling Centre.

Fridge freezer and fridge disposal at our local tips couldn’t be easier, customers just need to follow the simple steps detailed below:

  1. Pull on to the weighbridge
  2. Inform the weighbridge operator of the number of fridges that need to be disposed of
  3. Drive (as directed) to the specialist tipping point and unload the fridges and freezers
  4. Pull back on the weighbridge to fill out any relevant paperwork and exit the site

Fridge freezer disposal at Somerset Recycling Centre

What paperwork do I need to dispose of fridges?

If the fridges and freezers are from a commercial or an industrial source then the load must be accompanied by a hazardous waste consignment note. For help in obtaining a consignment note please contact our Hazardous waste specialist on 01202 331560 or

Cost of fridge & freezer disposal

To find out the disposal charge for a domestic or commercial fridge / fridge freezer at Canford Recycling Centre and Southwood Recycling Centre please refer to our Tipping Price List

Contacting the hazardous waste team

For hazardous waste advice, prices and bookings please contact our hazardous waste co-ordinator on 01202 331560 or

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